Replacing a Meal with Mag-10?

Would i lose muscle if I replaced a meal (dinner) with a Mag-10 dose?

[quote]CPerfringens wrote:
Would i lose muscle if I replaced a meal (dinner) with a MAG-10 dose?[/quote]

Are you for real?

Mag-10 is probably the world’s best anti-catabolism supplement for someone seeking fat loss. In fact, a pulse of Mag-10 is anabolic. However, keep in mind that’s only 127 calories. So Mag-10 is not a meal replacement in the same way Metabolic Drive can be. It’s best used post-workout, during cardio/metcon, or between meals for the protein pulsing effect.

Actually MAG-10 spikes blood amino acids faster than anything else. Spiking blood amino acide level after a period of low blood amino acid level is itself an ANABOLIC STIMULUS.

So switching a meal to MAG-10 is in theory something ANABOLIC that should help you gain muscle, not lose it.

The caveat is that over your whole day, if you can to add muscle you should be in a caloric surplus.

If you are not consuming enough overall calories every day, for enough days in a row you might lose some muscle (it actually takes longer than most people believe). But it’s not the fact that you are using MAG-10 instead of a meal that can lead to muscle loss (if overall calories are at the proper level, it can actually help you build MORE muscle) but the fact that generally speaking a MAG-10 pulse has less calories than a solid meal so you’ll have to make sure that your overall caloric intake is at the proper level.

I have MAG-10 instead of breakfast. In reality, I would not have had breakfast or overconsumed. I rarely eat the correct amount. Better off having MAG-10 than nothing if you are time crunched. Or eating a meal of crap. That was always my thought. The idea that I’m going to keep track of calories is impossible so I have to just look in the mirror, use scale and measurements and see how I’m doing. Of course, if I down a huge bag of Cheetos, I know that was not good. Ha!

Thank you to Chris and Christian for the answers. I have had the same question but didn’t want to ask for fear of a snarky reply from someone.

That’s a good plan, Captain721. I often have a quick pulse of Mag-10 for breakfast when traveling, then get a solid meal an hour or two later. Far superior than skipping breakfast.

And I’ve often recommended this for people who just don’t like breakfast or don’t wake up hungry. I’ve run into that type a lot – those who just get nauseated at the sight of food the first hour or two they’re awake. Mag-10 is perfect for them.

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