Replacement for Plazma and MAG-10

Hello everyone

I get very sick an hour after consuming both Plazma and MAG-10, I throw up and dry heave for at least 2-3 hours. I’ve tried everything, including adding twice the amount of recommended water to using Crystal Light instead of the Biotest flavoring. Same results every time which is very disappointing because I could handle the old Anaconda and got excellent results from using it.

My question is, what is a good replacement for the two? I was thinking BCAA Peptides to replace MAG-10 and maybe the original Surge to replace Plazma. I know this is not the same as Plazma and MAG-10, but what good are those doing anyways if I’m throwing up for hours after ingesting them. Worried about Surge workout fuel because I don’t know if it’s the Casein Hydrolysate making me sick or if its one of the other ingredients found in both Plasma and Surge Workout Fuel.

The only ingredient which MAG-10 has that Anaconda did not is the highly-branched cyclic dextrin, but this sort of problem from that is unknown, or at least unknown to me. Casein hydrolysate is a shared ingredient that you did fine with in Anaconda.

It may be an individual response to taste, or an acquired association. By that I mean, if one experiences sickness for any reason - including unrelated reason - after consuming a food, it’s not unusual for an aversion to be acquired, sometimes even to the extent of throwing up the food whenever eaten again. I’m not saying that is it, but it could be among the possibilities.

Whether the problem is individual taste response, association, or the cyclic dextrin, Surge Recovery plus BCAA peptides would differ entirely and would be effective.

Surge Workout Fuel includes the cyclix dextrin; so if that’s the problem for you SWF would share it, or from another viewpoint, if that’s not the problem, success with SWF would reveal that.

It is very weird because I used to could handle MAG-10 also. The taste to me is quite enjoyable, and in the example of Plazma, I took it yesterday and didn’t even think about it making me throw up until my stomach started cramping up unless I was subconsciously thinking about it.

Yesterday was only the second time I’ve taken Plazma, I bought the bottle this time last year and it made me sick then and yesterday. I’ve mainly had this problem with MAG-10 since November 2013, used it about 4 times since then and made me sick every time. Before that time, I have used it off and on along with Anaconda since 2011 with no problems.

singram, are you on antibiotics? probably not but just checking.

No I am not.

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