Ren's V-Diet Log

NICE inch losses!!! This is fantastic. And you get to go model on a paid cruise to the bahamas?

Bring your inch losses and pics if you have any for motivation while you are on the cruise when you are feeling weak moments. Cruises as you know are best known for their insane all day buffets.

Take pictures! Just think…if I eat all that shit, and then go model, Im going to look like one dumpy model! (Although im not saying you’re dumpy, just saying I know if I ate off the buffet and had to go model, I’d be ‘hangin out’ in all the wrong places lol).

Bring every last bit of your products so you dont chance running out.

I dont know what else. Have a great time, you got really lucky! cheer


Week 2 started today!!

The workout went better than last week’s:

Front Squat - 205:

Chinup - 30

Dbell Bench - 80s:

Ab-Wheel Rollout:

Despite having 5 less seconds rest, I felt like I was sucking less wind.

my roommate’s had pizza tonight… pepperoni… the kind that they cut into squares…

…I hate them so damn much right now…I refuse to leave my room in case I decide to pillage the leftovers in the fridge like Attila sacked Rome…lol


Stick it out, one minute, one half hour, one hour at a time and before you know it, it will be tomorrow and you can pretend it was all a dream!

yeah, made it thru…late night hunger is there again today. might have to have my dinner around 9ish to keep this away. Tonight I opted to have 1 serving of MD when I was starving, and I’ll have the 2nd and the peanut butter before bed.

Ohio is miserable and wet…and I lost all motivation to walk outside. Thankfully I managed to find a sexy accomplice and worked up a light sweat for an hour instead!! haha

Is sex a solid replacement for our NEPA walk Chris? lol

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