Ren's V-Diet Log

Hopped on the Bandwagon for April (started 4/6)


Height - 6’2"
Weight - 197
Neck - 38.6cm
Shoulders - 118.5cm
Chest - Upper - 101.5cm (nipple line)
Chest - Lower - 91.5cm (upper abs)
Waist - at Navel - 87.5cm
Waist - at largest - 89.7cm
Hips - at largest - 104cm
Upper Arm - L - 33.3cm (38cm)
Upper Arm - R - 33.5cm (38.4cm)
Upper Leg - L - 63.3cm
Upper Leg - R - 63cm
Lower Leg - L - 39cm
Lower Leg - R - 39cm
Ankle - L - 23.9cm
Ankle - R - 23.6cm

Yes, I know it is all in cm, just doing my part to convert the States to the metric system!!

I was a little light at weigh in, last week I was 199-201 all week so maybe I was a little light on the water.

Been doing WS4SB for a few months now with fantastic results, but I need to lean up in preparation for athletic training, as I am considering playing rugby again in the fall.

My primary goal is to lose 10-15lbs and fix my eating habits. I tend to start eating clean when trying to gain weight and then start going downhill 6-8 weeks in. I have an unhealthy addiction to cool ranch Doritos that I need to kick!

Pictures coming soon, only have my cellphone camera available to me at the moment, gonna try and bum a real camera from a friend.

Am I missing anything else?

Monday’s workout:

I haven’t done squats in about 4 weeks, since WS4SB has you rotate between squat and DL variation for ME exercises. The weight is lower than my 5RM, not sure how much of a difference that makes, but going at it with 235 makes me go reeeaaaally slow…

Front Squat:
215lb for 2 sets of 2, then 205lb for 3-2-2-2-2-2-1-2.
Ass to grass, I was prolly a little too cautious on slowing down on this one.

Chinups: 30lb

Dbell Bench: 80lb

Ab wheel rollout:

I missed my NEPA on Monday, but I did it yesterday and today first thing in the morning after I woke up and took HRE.

2 mile walk while bouncing and catching a tennis ball, great way to get ready for the day.

oh yeah, is it okay if I continue to take BCAA’s while on the V-Diet? I have been downing those things morning and night and pre and post-workout like candy.

Hey Ren, welcome :wink: Cool ranch doritos. I dont know anybody that can say no to those! I dont know about the BCAAs…I think Chris told somebody that there’s no reason to take them while on the V-Diet but I am not sure. Maybe put it in the Ask Chris thread.

Anyway, looking forward to your progression.


Wednesday’s workout:

This was quite possibly the hardest most ridiculous bout of athleticism I have been forced to endure in months. I ended lying in the fetal position for 10 minutes at the end of the workout trying to muster up the will to walk to my car.

Reverse Lunge (barbell) 155

Bent Over Row (barbell) 155

Push Press (barbell) 115

Barbell Curl 70

Incline Reverse Crunch

Welcome aboard.

Yes, you may add BCAA tablets, but if you’re using the l-Leucine there’s really no need.

thx Chris. I’ll shelve them till after the V-diet then.

Today I realized that I can’t have HRX before I eat, spent 10 mins trying to keep myself from throwing up before my first shake.

Anyone else with this problem? Should I take HRX as I am having my first shake or about 10 mins after??

If you take it in the middle of the shake, it’s easier on the stomach. Or work up to the prescribed amount instead of jumping right in with 4 per day.

well, I jumped in at 4 per day because I have taken them before without any ill effects.

I’ll take 1 more later today (took 2 this morning), and then tomorrow I will try just 2 with my shake and see how it goes. If that doesn’t go over well I’ll drop to 2 a day for a few days.

after doing some investigating on the forums I reckon my best bet is to drop down to 2 per day immediately. I’ll have a 3rd HRX this afternoon and then starting tomorrow will aim for 1 pill twice a day and see how that makes me feel.

Fighting back the urge to throw up all day is most unpleasant :confused:

man, after thinking wednesday’s workout was bad, I feel like I have been hit by a semi and back over for good measure. My arms and shoulders are utterly destroyed!!

Today’s workout:

Deadlift 225

Neutral Grip DB Decline Bench 65s

Neutral Grip Pull-Up Bodyweight

Hand Walkout on knees

I am hoping its pretty normal to feel this beaten up at this point, I think a lot of it has to do with the complete change in workouts compared to what I have been doing the past few months.

The good news is tomorrow is HSM day…just found out I get to have dinner at the parents’… grilled chicken, lamb chops, salad, veggies, and yams. I am so excited you have no idea.

I actually dreamed of eating a brownie and drinking a beer (imported of course) last night…and woke up feeling guilty for dreaming about cheating on my diet!!

That sounds like a very delicious HSM Ren. As long as you’re just dreaming about brownies…good to go! Great job so far, and nice job on the work out too.

I took some pics earlier in the week…on my cellphone camera. Horrible quality, but it is a start. I am gonna try to get a camera from my parents or brother tomorrow to take high quality ones.

I own just about every piece of technology imaginable…except a digital camera…not sure how that happened…lol



HRX: I started with 1 2x a day, then 2 in the morning 1 in the afternoon, now 2 at both times

Pictures: got a webcam on that computer? Might be able to rig it up to go off on a timer.

AND, is that rugby in your avi? I love watching the guys play!

did the V-Burn challenge yesterday (my day 6)… took me 41 minutes to get through it all (I am doing the intermediate program). To say I felt pathetic is an understatement. My shoulders crapped out on my by circuit 4…almost face planted twice during the last 2 circuits in the clap push-up. My goal is to cut off 5-10 mins by the next one.

Had my HSM last night…lamb chops, broccoli salad, potato salad. I was in heaven. I never knew food could taste that good!! lol

The good news is I got my hands on a camera…so pics coming as soon as I get the right cable for my PC!

oh yeah…got a bit of a curveball thrown at me. Got given the opportunity to do some modeling on an all-expenses paid cruise to the bahamas this coming weekend with some close friends of mine.

I had to say yes since I haven’t had a vacation in almost 3 years and I could use the work. We will be driving down weds night and be back in ohio the following tues morning.

I am confident I can stick to the diet… though any advice, suggestions, and motivation on this would be fucking fantastic!!

new measurements are in!

Neck - 38cm (-0.6cm)
Shoulders - 119cm (+0.5cm)
Chest - Upper - 101.5cm (nipple line) (no change)
Chest - Lower - 87.7cm (upper abs) (-3.5cm)
Waist - at Navel - 85.4cm (-2.1cm)
Waist - at largest - 87.5cm (-2.1cm)
Hips - at largest - 103cm (-1cm)
Upper Arm - L - 32.4cm (-0.9cm)
Upper Arm - R - 32cm (-1.5cm)
Upper Leg - L - 61.8cm (-1.5cm)
Upper Leg - R - 62.1cm (-0.9cm)
Lower Leg - L - 38cm (-1cm)
Lower Leg - R - 38cm (-1cm)
Ankle - L - 23cm (-0.9cm)
Ankle - R - 23cm (-0.6cm)

down almost across the board…except for my chest and shoulders. I re-measured them a few times and I am pretty confident I didn’t screw up.

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