Remy's Log

Hi everyone,

I started the Velocity Diet a few days ago and am just getting started on a public log. The first few days felt rough, and reading some of the posts on here (particularly Day 3) helped re-inspire me through that day, convinced me to post on this.


I had also been trying the Velocity Diet Lite and not getting results I had hoped for. I likewise in the past have been able to be more disciplined with more drastic choices than with moderation, so Chris’ bit about needing to do drastic things to get results spoke to me and convince me.

I debated with doing this program for some time (hence the Lite attempt) for a variety of reasons. The primary one being I do not have as much lean muscle mass that I would like, some motivation from both friends and myself is to “you’re small, get bigger.” However, the sloppy weight gaining I have been doing over the last led to my discipline slipping. I know a leaner body will likewise remotivate me more than a little bit more muscle under layers and layers of fat was, and will soon have a more disciplined pursuit of this post-Velocity.

Secondly, I have a history with anorexia, and need to keep those mental tendencies in check. I am not at all into sob stories. I mention it merely for the context for you all to know, both psychologically and metabolically what is the background. This has also provided a challenge when people who know my history learned I was on this program, and become concerned (well-intentioned) when they have heard about this program.

I will post this evening with a summary of the first few days.

Day 1 - Saturday

I started the program on Saturday. Perhaps not the ideal day to start, but I was eager to get going. For the most part, it was an easy day. Went for a long NEPA walk in the woods. The only discomfort was a feeling of shakiness off of the HOT-ROX I have tolerated stimulants on and off previously, but expect HOT-ROX to be a higher quality one and hopefully with less side effects.

Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t working until Day 4, so there aren’t pictures until then. However, my measurements were:

Weight: 185.5
Height: 5’ 7.5"
Neck: 14.5"
Chest Upper: 40.5"
Chester Lower: 39.5"
Waist - Navel: 39"
Waist - Hips: 38.5"
L Upper Arm: 12.5"
L Lower Arm: 10.5"
R Upper Arm: 13"
R Lower Arm: 11"
L Ankle: 9.25"
R Ankle: 9.25"
L Upper Leg: 23"
L Lower Leg: 14.5
R Upper Leg: 22.5"
R Lower Leg: 15"

Oh Yes, and the Peanut Butter in the last shake of the day. Absolutely heavenly. I had no idea of the solid food cravings until I tasted that.

Day 2 - Sunday

Today felt more obviously different. The HOT-ROX was clearly making me shakey and feeling in a not really alert but awake state. Likewise, I felt my energy was clearly off. However, temptation of food neither of these days was a challenge.

V-Burn at night was also challenge. I had been doing circuits on and off, but this one really got me sweating and breathing heavy. Doing the circuit 5 times with 10 reps took an unimpressive 39 minutes.

This was also the first day I also noticed the shakes making me feel…somewhere between full and nauseous. Particularly the Vanilla and Strawberry flavors.

Day 3 - Monday

The lack of energy from yesterday continued into today. I got to work and felt totally off - shakey from HOT-ROX (note, I have still only been taking 1 in the morning) and with no energy. Once I got working, I did get a little adrenaline boost.

I really liked the Monday workout routine. I was still feeling the V-burn from the day before, and ended up being very conservative and thus probably overly so with picking low weights. Particularly the squat However, I felt like they hit the intended muscle groups, got me sweating and breathing heavy, and went pretty quickly.

Dumbbell Squat - 25 x 8, 8, 8, 8, 8
Dumbbell Bench - 2x15 x 8, 2x20 x 8, 10, 8, 8
Bent Row - 2x45 x 8, 2x50 x 8, 8, 6, 6, 4
Plank - 40 sec, 40 sec, 30 sec, 30 sec

At the end of the day, was feeling pretty shitty and beat physically and emotionally. Was seriously questioning the program and my ability to stick with it, and if it would be worth it. Reading the forums helped work that out. Likewise, while getting so much skeptism from friends, it was great to read a group of people on this site that were supporting this.

That positivity aside, however, I still made a major mistake in the evening. Due to the energy level earlier in the day, I ended up actually falling asleep before I had the bedtime shake, unfortunately reducing the caloric intake on the workout day. I am working on better scheduling the meals on workout days to avoid this in the future.

Day 4 - Tuesday

Energy is starting to improve, and I don’t feel as shakey with the HOT-ROX.

Went for a 30 minute NEPA walk in the morning. The weather was great, t was really nice, relaxing, and starting to feel excited again about the program.

I have been having mostly chocolate shakes, and noticed both this day and the previous that I take my time with the shakes, and feel full really soon - like after half the shake. It is taking me around 30 minutes to finish one after a while. I thought of this as mostly positive, a prep for mindful eating.

However, today was the first day I noticed some slight pain in my upper stomach / chest after finishing shakes. I was curious if this could be stomach acid, as I had an issue with stomach acid before. What are thoughts or experience about using Prilosic, Tums, or some antacid on this program? I do not think I am at that point yet, but wanted to gather some information.

Overall, some temptation, but nothing serious. I have been craving healthy foods, but also unhealthy ones when I catch a smell of fried food or other garbagey foods.

Got my camera working and have some photos to start up the log.





[quote]chiefcrow wrote:

At the end of the day, was feeling pretty shitty and beat physically and emotionally. Was seriously questioning the program and my ability to stick with it, and if it would be worth it. [/quote]

It is bro. You know it is. You are 1 day ahead of me. I expect to see you finish only ONE day before me. Anything before then and you’re a loser. Just sayin…

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