Rehabbing to Ski

Just some background. I tore cartilage in my knee on July 9th. Had surgery on sept 10th but instead of trimming the torn part off they had to repair to tear, which means a much longer recovery. I was on crutches for 8 weeks. So anyway I was unable to train for months. Just started training about a month ago. Need to drop some of this weight I put on as all I did for months was eat and watch sports.

Back on indigo, using plazma and MAG-10.

Ordered more MAG-10 this past week and my package came today, and no MAG-10. Site no says on backorder. I really need the MAG-10 as I need it to help my recovery and weight loss. Looking to get under 200 by xmas. currently 215.

Any idea when MAG-10 will be back in stock?

Also I am using Flameout and Curcumin, Brain Candy and Elite Mineral.


Weight loss is very important for my knee as a lower weight will mean less stress and pressure on my knee. Because right now I am still not allowed hard impacts on my knee due to the fact I could re-tear the repair.

Do you have a question other than asking when Mag-10 will be in stock?

Glad to help with questions, but this isn’t the forum to ask about out of stock items. (Mainly because I don’t know, and sometimes even those who do know don’t have exact dates. But generally, that’s a customer service question:

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