Refeed Day

Hey Chris,I have a few question
1.Which benefits do we have during refeed day?
2.Why we should have that refeed day during the diet,is it necessary?
3.Which food is the best?

I assume you mean the V-Diet?

There’s one HSM or healthy solid meal per week on the V-Diet. Purpose: Gives you a break from just protein shakes and retrains the palette to prefer healthy food. A big part of the V-Diet is ridding yourself of bad dietary habits and food addictions. By using all shakes, you get rid of any unhealthy choices. The solid meal once per week is a healthy meal, and you’ll learn to crave it and really enjoy it, even if it’s just chicken breasts, veggies, and a plain sweet potato. This re-trains and “cleanses” the taste buds.

It’s not a “refeed” really, just a normal, average size healthy meal. The V-Diet plan contains guidelines for it, though I do suggest you avoid all wheat in the HSM since it is one of the most addictive foods that causes later cravings.

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