Reducing Fluid with Plazma


I just wanted to confirm that reducing the fluid used per dose of Plazma would have no negative effects. Doing CT’s layer system I find my workouts take about 1 hour, plus the 15 minutes prior to pre-load with one dose.

As I try to finish it all prior to the end of the workout, I find 1500mL is quite a lot of fluid for me to consume in such a short time and leads to nausea that causes me to end the workout earlier then I may have had to otherwise.

When Biotest formulates supplements that require liquid, Tim Patterson is very specific about the right amount of water to get the greatest effect. Sometimes these are minimums and more fluid is fine, but never less.

A few ideas:

  1. Pre-load 20-25 minutes before training. A little longer than recommended but it could do the trick for you and wouldn’t hurt results.

  2. Try 2.5 servings for a while, bringing the water content down by 250ml. It’s not much of a difference, and I’d bet you could work your way back to full dose x 3.

  3. Also, although we’ve talked about getting it all in you before the end of the workout, it’s okay to time it right at the very end if that helps you.

We have guys doing 5 and even 6 servings, so it can be done. May take a while to build up to your required dosage though.

Thanks Chris, that’s why i asked before I tried it. I’ll try taking the dose a little bit earlier next time and see how it goes.

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