Redpill's Adventure into the V-Diet


I’ll be starting my V-Diet this Sunday. After generally being pretty active, I have let myself go in recent years, along with having a desk job as opposed to the hands on active job I use to have. I am currently 5’8" (not expecting that to change :frowning: ) and about 190lbs (that better change) I will post measurements (and possibly pictures if I’m feeling up to it) tomorrow.

My only issues with the diet so far is

  1. Flax seed, I live overseas and haven’t been able to find any place online that ships flax seed oil to here, however, the local store sells flax seed oil pills, is this an appropriate sub?

  2. I’m interested in boosting my cardio endurance and speed, and not just lifting. Would it be ok to add cardio in morning before my first shake, maybe something like sprints or just a 30 min jog?

  3. Deadlifts, my gym only has dumbells and machines. There simply is not other gym alternative (again overseas) Is there any combo of exercises I can replace deadlifts with?


Alright…First shake is down the hatch, not thrilled about the taste, but whatever, I’ll consider it my punishment for letting myself get so big.

Height: 5’8
Weight: 193
Neck: 16in
Shoulders: 49.5
Chest Upper: 40:
Chest - nipple line 39.5
Waist - at Navel : 38
Waist - at largest: 40.5
Hips - at largest 39
Upper Arm - 13
Upper Arm - 13.5
Upper Leg - 23
Upper Leg - 23
Lower Leg - 14.5
Lower Leg - 14.5
Ankle - 9
Ankle - 9

About to make my lunch time shake…



Alright, the strawberry shake I had for lunch went down waaaaaaaaaay easier than the vanilla, Still kinda feeling a little queasy. Is there a certain time I’m suppose to do my HOT-ROX? I figured before my breakfast shake and lunch shake would be decent.

Tomorrow I was planning on doing some sprints in the morning before my shake, and then lifting after work (approx 5pm) before my dinner shake.



The diet doesn’t call for flax oil. It calls for flax meal. I buy whole flax seeds and mill them in a small coffee grinder to make my own flax meal just before using them. Not sure where you are overseas, but I would think both Asia and/or Europe would have flax seed. Might be called something different.

Extended cardio could be difficult with the reduced calories of the diet. I think Chris has addressed this in some of his commentary and it could be detrimental. One focus of this diet is to maintain muscle. Reduced calorie diet weight loss is often catabolic and reduces lean mass too much. Some of that is due to the cardio type exercise incorporated with the diet. The strength training during this diet, as well as the Luecine is to help keep fat burning without the catabolic attack on the lean mass. The NEPA helps fat burning without catabolic effects, and you’d be surprised how “cardio” the lifting is if you do it as prescribed, and if you can get through the 5-7 cycles of the V-burn challenge it’s very intense.

You can deadlift with dumbbells – hopefully, they have some reasonably heavy ones. The dynamic way in which you are supposed to lift in this program if they have at least 80 to 100 pound DB’s you should be fine. Another option for Romanian Deadlifts could be low cable pull throughs.


HOT-ROX are supposed to be taken on an empty stomach. If you haven’t used them before, ease into them a bit. Maybe, just one a day (first thing in the morning after waking) for a few days, then add a second later in the day – maybe 30 minutes before shake 3 – or before your afternoon workout. Then just depends whether or not you could handle 2 at a time. I’m usually good with just 1 twice per day. I may take two pre-morning workout.

Days 2/3/4 are the hardest. Your body is still adjusting. But, I found it easier after that and the queasiness disipated. I agree with you about the Vanilla. I’ve used Metabolic Drive for years, and have never liked the vanilla. Even the strawberry is a little sweet. I mix the Banana Cream and strawberry. I’ve also added a very small amount of vanilla extract to the vanilla shake to improve the flavor a bit. Also, you can use sugar free instant pudding mix – go lightly, these add some carbs (maltodextrose) – I use 1-2 teaspoons of the dry pudding mix. Vanilla or buttersckotch pudding mix help the flavor. I don’t quite like the chocolate flavor either, and add a little chocolate pudding mix to that. I’m planning on getting some mint extract to add to the chocolate – should make a nice “holiday” drink.


So day 1 is down.

Outcome, I was only able to get down 4 shakes (not because of taste, but simply was not hungry and felt queasy)…I did not do the mid day shake and I kind of sort of cheated, I had a piece of gum (it was sugar free though)