Redhawk's Log - Starting 4/18

Who: 25 year old dude, 222 lbs.

I’ve tried to put on muscle over the last several months and succeeded, but unfortunately a mountain of fat came with it. I never thought this was a big deal because people always remarked that I looked quite powerful. Then I started a new job where a lot of “joking” comments were made by people I just met about never missing a meal, that I should really try salads, and snickering when I’d mention that I run on a daily basis despite a torn ACL. I had always thought I looked healthy, but it became clear that in the eyes of strangers I was fat.

Also found that a large gap existed between the girls whom I was attracted to and those who were attracted to me. I dated a few physically stunning girls who couldn’t keep a conversation going, and a few with fantastic personalities but in whom I just wasn’t physically attracted. I just couldn’t seem to attract those who blended both worlds.

Finally, one day at the gym I did a full upper body workout and as much lower body stuff as could be done without hurting myself. Then hopped on an elliptical for 20 minutes, followed by an interval workout on the treadmill for 10. After getting off the treadmill I overheard one guy remark to his friend how ten minutes is probably the most running I’ve done in my entire life. He didn’t see the rest of my workout - it was just snap judgment. I could’ve outrun the guy and lifted quite a bit more, but it didn’t matter much. That’s the way the world perceives me…gotcha.

Exercise was good, but diet was undisciplined. Stumbled upon the Velocity Diet and love that there’s little to no room for interpretation - perfect for someone like myself. So Friday night I had a BBQ burger and beer as my “last meal” before kicking this off. For the next 28 days no burgers, no stops at Starbucks, McDonalds, or Panera. No glass of scotch at night, no beer, no wine - no alcohol. Soda? No. Coffee? No. I’m using my stubbornness to absolute advantage.

Goals: My main goal is to drop under 200lbs. Workout modifications will need be done since, as I mentioned, I have a torn ACL. Romanian deadlifts might work, but squats are bad news waiting to happen. Plan on taking my dog for a walk each and every day as well so he can get healthier like his owner. Would be nice to get one person, preferably female and out of her own free will, to give a positive remark about how I’ve changed.

Pics will come soon as well as the first log post. Totally psyched and fired up!

Welcome to the ward. Sounds like your ready like the rest of us. Start rockin!!!

Welcome on board…
arffff people people…so judmental …Do it for yourself…not anybody else ok???
I’m almost done with my 2nd round but I’ll stick around for a while. So I will follow your journey :slight_smile:

Hi Redhawk,
Sounds like the some of the people around you are judgmental a**holes…but don’t worry, you’ll get tons of support here and those other people are going to be eating their words in 28 days:)


[quote]redhawk223 wrote:

Also found that a large gap existed between the girls whom I was attracted to and those who were attracted to me. [/quote]

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I was out for my NEPA this morning and was thinking something along the same lines - that I attract guys but that they are kinda frumpy looking and I don’t have any inclination to even give them a friendly hug

Good luck, can’t wait for stats and pics!

Just curious: Redhawk? Please explain…

Welcome aboard!

As others have said, do it for yourself.

But that said, it’s very easy to see ourselves in an unrealistic way. This is why the “before” pics are such powerful wake-up calls.

And sometimes, the snide comments of others can be wake-up calls too. For weight-trained but high-body fat males, there is often a realization that while they see themselves as big and strong, others (women) often see them as just fat guys. They see the gut and love handles first, overlooking how big your traps are and, of course, are unable to see how much you bench press while in the club (as if they care anyway.)

I wrote an old blog about this here:

Yeah, people as assholes. But individuals can be self-deluded and blind. I wrote once about what I call “outside eyes.” It’s when you get someone else to look over your diet or training program, or even just look at your physique, and tell you what they see. Often, they see what you can’t or won’t.

So, you’ve had your wake-up calls. It was harsh experience, but your eyes are open. Now make a change, not for them, but for YOU.

First off - thanks so much for the support! Polsen: “Redhawk” is the team name of my alma mater: Miami University. Very attached to the school…I miss it terribly. And Chris that’s a great blog post. Pretty much dead-on as it applies to my situation. Sure people are judgmental and there’s not a person on the planet completely free from judgment in one way or another, but while I could argue the world’s perception (seemingly, at least) I’m trying to work with it rather than against it.

Saturday, my first day, I kept up with the shakes and didn’t deviate from the diet plan. As far as training went I threw in an additional exercise to compensate for the inability to do most leg-based lifts. Today (Sunday) I again followed the diet plan to a T. I keep a part-time job at Best Buy for two nights and a weekend day which keeps me standing and moving around. Much better than my full-time desk job. Come night I took my dog for a little over a mile-long walk. Throughout both days I felt great too: more energetic than I’ve been in awhile. Cool deal!

At one point my coworkers got Wendy’s and I had the misfortune of watching a few have burgers and fries. God I wanted a bite! Even now I sit at the computer with my bedtime shake while cheese, crackers, and bourbon call to me. Truthfully though what I want is some healthy solid food to sink my teeth into. Smoked salmon sounds like heaven right about now…

PROGRESS: Apparently “VELOCITY diet” is no misnomer. Just weighed in at a little under 218 even after drinking 20oz of water. This compared to 222 Saturday morning when we are supposed to be lightest. I’ll accept that I didn’t truly lose 4lbs, but just hoping to see the scale drop farther tomorrow. 1500 calories vs. my normal intake of (most likely) 3500+ can certainly be a difference-maker. Going to try and get pictures tomorrow - strangely enough I hope they utterly suck to provide enormous motivation!

edit: what should I do if one of the company owners insists on having lunch sometime this week?

Truth or “blood tests the next day so no solid foods” (Used that one last week)

Ahhh, ok got it. Would never have guessed it being that you’re from MA. Good job so far! As for the burgers and fries, I don’t think wanting to eat them will ever ever go away. But I find it’s just one of those things that while I would love to savour it that moment, as soon as they are gone I don’t regret not partaking.

Stay strong!

“Victory belongs to the most persevering.” ~Napoleon Bonaparte

Diet: All shakes were timed and prepared properly, though admittedly I forgot to bring two of the Flameout capsules to work so didn’t include them with two shakes. Enjoying a nice bedtime shake right now with much tastier peanut butter than the crap I had before. I was tempted by some grilled chicken earlier which looked fantastic, but fought the craving and couldn’t be happier.

Exercise: dumbbell bench, underhand cable pulldowns, squats (on a machine - surprisingly my knee held up!), cable rows, and since my gym doesn’t have ab rollers (or I couldn’t find them) I improvised with this great twisting machine. Later on at night I took my dog out for a stroll, but 30 seconds into the walk we picked up pace into a light jog. I know I know I know - no running, running = bad. But I had some excess energy to burn and really it just felt good. Plus my dog didn’t get much exercise over the winter so he needs to trim the fat just like me!

Thoughts: For the first time in years I have this killer instinct with regards to my appearance. Instead of thinking, “I’m not sure where to go with my nutrition, but hopefully it will all work out,” I am now waking up with the mindset of, “in a month I’m going to shock those around me.” For the first time in years I wake up in extreme anticipation for how my physique and health will improve that day. I’ve always seen the light at the end of the tunnel, the end result, but now see a clear (though difficult) path to get there. Hell, today I invited my very skeptical coworkers to try and derail me at every opportunity, because at the end of this program they’ll all be jealous they didn’t find it first. Such a great feeling!

NICE!! I like the coworker challenge. Might do that myself. Great quote by the way.

blocked the face out because my friends would inevitably find these


and back - this is the shocking one for me.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ~Andy Warhol

DAY #4
Diet: Remembered to bring the capsules today. I did miss my dinner shake though because my mid-afternoon one came at 4:30 and I had to be at my part time job at 6. Upon getting home around 9:30 I just mixed a scoop of Metabolic Drive in a glass of water to at least get something until the bedtime shake. Tomorrow I’m crazy excited for my actual meal: mixed grill with great vegetables.

Training: Full time I work in insurance. Part time is at Best Buy. Though money isn’t an issue, it hardly seems like work when I’m walking around chatting with people and playing with high priced toys. So for 3.5 hours tonight that’s what I did: strolled around. Good for NEPL I suppose?

Thoughts: Technically I was 222.6 when I got on the scale Saturday morning. This morning: 216.4! While this 2lb/day loss is unrealistic as I get further into the program, I just hope motivation doesn’t fall off if I see maybe one pound drop every two days or so. Have to keep the eyes on the prize. Going to Vegas late June with friends: I want to be 170-175 by then. Lose a little over 40lbs in just over two months? A high goal, but I’m up for the challenge.

[quote]redhawk223 wrote:
I could’ve outrun the guy and lifted quite a bit more, but it didn’t matter much. That’s the way the world perceives me…gotcha.[/quote]

I can empathize on this since I had the same issue. I was pretty strong and well conditioned for my size (230) a few years ago, but people regarded me as out of shape (I used this to my advantage in my Krav classes. Heh.).

One guy I knew had competed in a triathlon and would rub in it about how much better shape he was in since he was skinnier. One day he asked me to help him carry his 30" tv up three flights of stairs. He tried to do it himself earlier but threw his back out. I ended up carrying it all the way up, only stopping once to reset my grip.

Even after that, he’d still tell me he was in better shape - solely because he was skinny. Talk about perception (or denial?). :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, you’re about at the same weight I started at for my first V Diet and I experienced some pretty dramatic results. Check out my journal for more details.

I buried my face 4 pages into my thread, wait til it fills up and then throw it in here. by then you will also be proud of yourself!

“Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work.” ~Horace

DAY #5
What? Not even a half a pound lost? Grrrr - fine. I could sit here trying to reason why I should have lost more, and plenty on this site could offer reasons too, but screw it - using that for motivation. So today at the gym I worked on the Wednesday intermediate workout, but eliminated the lunges. Additionally, though, I did a half hour on the elliptical and kept my heart rate up in the mid to high 180’s. Things like a mid-tempo run make me tired later. Same with moderate biking. But what I’ve found is that kicking up the resistance on the elliptical and charging forward keeps me energetic typically through the next day. That’s my rationalization for deviating from the recommended plan.

Really though it begs the question: after seeing the pictures could anyone really say NOT to do cardio?

Had my solid meal today too: a mixed grill. Salmon fillet, lean steak tips, grilled chicken breasts, asparagus, zuchini, roasted red peppers, and spinach were all prepared and served. God was it good! Felt slightly guilty eating though. Strange.

One nice thing about today - one of my coworkers asked what the hell kind of diet I was on. I laughed and replied, “Why, you want to get strange looks too?” She said, “No, you already look thinner and healthier so I want to see if it’s worth doing.” Hey I’ll take it! Still keeping my eyes on that tremendous drop in sheer weight though. Not fishing for compliments…yet :slight_smile:

What a peeker!!! I’m not even touching the scale til day 7. That being said isn’t the coworkers comments better than a couple of pounds on the scale. Lets see 220 at 5% BF I think I could live with that. Don’t even think about getting discouraged yet!!!

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