Red_Raider's V-Diet Log

Got down to a respectable weight/bodyfat% summer 2014 > Gain most of it back over the holidays > Got a new job, moved without my family and have gained the rest of it back since Jan 2015 > pissed and am going to change it.

38 yrs old
Start Date: Sunday, February 8, 2015
Starting weight: 215 lbs
Starting waist: 38.5"
Starting bodyfat (approx.): 20%

DAY 1: Day went well. Diet as written. ~ 45 mins NEPA walk at the park (beautiful day today!)
HSM: 2 lean turkey burgers, 3/4 cup steamed rice, 2 cups steamed broccoli & cauliflower
Supposed to have my last shake of the day just before bed which is only about 2.5 hrs since HSM dinner but that has me feeling full and satisfied. Going to drink it anyway per the plan. Lots of water and a couple Coke Zeros and I made it through without hunger pangs. Understand that they WILL come… be prepared.

ETA: Forgot to mention that I performed the V-Burn Challenge prior to my NEPA walk. Nice little conditioning workout. (“Nice little” as good grief I’m a fat@ss and out of shape. :confused: )


1st lifting day went well. Lifted some decent weight. Overall, had a good workout followed by 25 min NEPA walk. Tried to sneak in a pre-workout stimulant but that plus the first dose of Plazma had me kind of water-logged once I arrived at the gym.

I scheduled my HSM for lunch with the intentions of having a shake instead for dinner. That worked fine until at the end of the day when the mayor of my city invited me to his home to have dinner with his family. Luckily, it was was some decent eats, nothing to off base HSM-wise, but, alas, it WAS a 2nd HSM for the day. So, I basically did V-Diet Lite today. Could’ve been worse, I guess. Since I had a 2nd HSM, I skipped the pre-bed shake.

HSM #1: grilled chicken breast, white rice, steamed veggies
HSM #2: Pork tenderloin, red potatoes, large green salad


Day went pretty well. Got about a 45 min NEPA walk in this a.m.

Was in the middle of a meeting mid-morning when my stomach growled, sounding like a mid-sized woodland creature was attempting to get out. Everyone looked at me like, “What the hell?” It was pretty damn funny. I wasn’t that hungry, just empty. Chugged some water and the sensation went away.

Had my first semi-negative comment about the plan. I haven’t told anyone so no one really knows the extent to which I’m relying on protein shakes but one of my employees made a comment about them, “Is that ALL you “eat” all day?! Gross!” Based on her substantial backside, I wanted to offer a retort of, "Is there anything you DON’T eat all day?’ but thought better of it. All I need is a lawsuit 1 month into my new job. Ha.

My schedule right now has me eating my HSM for lunch, instead of dinner as “preferred”. When I head back home for the long president’s day weekend, I’ll switch that to dinner so I can eat with my family. We eat fairly well as a family so there’s no real danger of eating cheat meals.

HSM: Grilled chicken spinach salad, 1/2 plain baked potato


Well… I knew the hunger pangs would come and, boy, did they. To make matters worse, I had an in-office lunch meeting today and allowed my peeps to bring their owns eats. I about lost it when one of my supervisors showed up with steak fajita nachos and decided to take the seat next to mine. I didn’t have my “lunch” shake until afterwards because 1.) I was doing most of the talking and wanted to get out of there quickly so I could have my shake, and 2.) I didn’t want to have to hear any comments about having a shake while everyone else was stuffing their faces. I’m not sure if “hate” is accurate but I felt a very clear dislike for them as they were sitting there grinning… eating.

Once I was able to get back to my office, I was interrupted mid-shake of my bottle and had to sit it down to speak on the phone and search my email at the same time. When I came back to my shake, some of the powder hadn’t made it into the mix and was caked on the bottom. I about lost it… like wanted to cry I felt so hungry. Had employees asking me all day"what’s wrong?" Maybe a Brain Candy shipment is in order? Jeez.

About 30 mins before my afternoon shake, I felt better but wasn’t looking forward to that shake at all. All I could think about was getting home for dinner. I think my mouth actually began salivating over the thought at one point.

HSM: Grilled chicken breast, white rice, roasted veggies

I’m skipping my bedtime shake. I pushed my HSM a bit later so I’m not that hungry and, honestly, I don’t feel like drinking another.

What I’ve read from others’ accounts, there seems to be a common thread where people hit a wall 3-4 days in. I feel like I didn’t hit a wall., it hit me. My workout went fine this a.m. but I got really nauseous and lightheaded between the time I finished my Plazma and was able to drink my first shake of the day.

But, I’m alive and, other than thoughts of violence and loathing, I’d say today was a success… considering,


Today was a little better with regard to hunger pangs. Of course, I didn’t workout so that could have alot to do with it. Ironically, I seemed to do better waiting about an hour longer to have my first shake, making the time between that and my lunch shorter. Helped not hating life around noon.

I was on the road this evening so I decided to have my HSM at mid-afternoon and shakes for “dinner” and just slammed back the pre-bedtime shake to end the day. I can deal with only a shake for dinner as I go to bed pretty early. That said, on Day 3 I followed similar format and was really nauseous after my early a.m. workout the next day, so I guess I’ll find out if not having my HSM the night before contributed to that. If it does, that sucks because (at least so far) it appears I’m going to have to choose between post-workout nauseousness or feeling like I could go all HULK on people at anytime until I eat dinner.

HSM: Skirt steak, quinoa, large green salad


Today was kinda, well… “meh”. I’m back at home for the long weekend. Had some black coffee and a shake for breakfast, took the kids to school, then tried to schedule my last workout of the week. Problem is that the only gym in town is a 24-hr place that I don’t have a membership to. The owner/operator was supposed to meet me there to let me in as a guest but never showed up. I ended up back at home in my garage going through the motions of a half-ass workout. Feels like the Plazma was a waste. On a positive note, I had alot of NEPA today as the kids got out of school early and we spent most of the afternoon outside, playing chase, catch with the football, etc. Spending all week away from them has been tough so it was good for my soul.

Nutrition went as planned. HSM: “healthy” gumbo (my wife is kinda a food nazi so only whole, natural foods on the house, even on weekends. Ha, It was delicious though.). I’ve noticed that the two easiest days I’ve had thus far, I’ve been active (generally outside), with very little laying around. I’ve actually had to remember to get all of my shakes in versus counting every minute until the next one.

So far, I don’t feel lighter and the scale isn’t budging. I’ll take tape measurements on Sunday morning (Day 8) to see if they tell a different story. Based on what I’ve read of others’ logs, it’s not uncommon for the firsgt week to be slow in terms of changes so I’m keeping heart.


Truckin’ along. It’s been a bit harder this weekend being with family and staying with the one HSM/day. I started eating later in the day about a year ago, e.g. skipping breakfast, so it’s no big deal to be having a shake instead. Lunch was/is a different story. My wife loves to cook, especially when I’m home on the weekends and usual goes all out. And man, she CAN cook. But I’ve held fast.

It was super windy here today and, with no gym membership, I had no place to get a walk in. I have an elliptical in my house, however, so I did that instead.

HSM: Left-over jumbalaya


Scale shows I’m down 2 lbs but I forgot my myo-tape so I couldn"t take measurements. The 2 lbs is a bit of a let down in that I probably could have accomplished that with a traditional diet plan. If the trend doesn’t change, this is going to end up as one expensive-ass experiment/mistake.

Another session on the elliptical today.

HSM: Smoked turkey breast, basked sweet potato, green beans


Good news, bad news.

BIG lesson learned today and I hope I can salvage the remaining 3 weeks.

So I awoke this morning and weighed and… the couple of lbs I was down was back, plus 1/2 lb. I know the scale is sort of the enemy in the body comp game, but it’s hard not “going there”. So, I had a momentary - read: 1/2 day - brain fart; a 4-5 hr window were I allowed my emotions to get the best of me, to control me and I ate just about everything that come within arm’s reach. For those few hrs, I seriously didn’t give a damn… and then spent the following 4-5 hrs wallowing in guilt and self-pity. Now, I’m even more pissed knowing I wasted the entire week.

Here’s the “good news”: Once I finally got back to my place, I grabbed the myo-tape and, damn it all, I’m down an inch on my waist. And I’m not talking about the thinner area above the love handles, but the love handles themselves, around the bellybutton. The worst part is that had not left my myo-tape behind, I probably would’ve never stepped on the scale and never “lost it”. I would’ve taken that 1" lost as a win for the week and moved on. Now, I’ve taken 2 steps back. Now the impetus is on ME to make sure this isn’t an “expensive mistake”.

Got my workout in (which was pretty good; lots of anger to propel some decent weight), followed by a full hr walk on the treadmill. Lord knows I was well-fueled for such a marathon. Good grief.

HSM (yes, I’m going to log this even thought it wasn’t the only SM for the day): 2 lean turkey burgers, rice, steamed broccoli, carrots, watercrest

Day 10

Decent day today. Back on track after yesterday morning’s debacle. Got an hr in on the treadmill this a.m.

HSM: Petite sirloin, baked potato wedges, large green salad with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Day 11

Had an ok day. Having some major pain in the inner-elbow area that has made any type of row or, especially, chins impossible. “Golfer’s elbow”, I read. It’s in both arms so all I could manage today was some DB Pullovers and EZ-Bar Curls for upper “pulls”. Hurts pretty damn bad. Walked for about 20 mins following.

I’m used to drinking 1-2 protein shakes/day and have to say, I’m getting f’ing tired of protein shakes. Bad news is that I still have over 2 1/2 weeks left. Ugh.

HSM: Greek salad with lean gyro meat

DAY 12

Another day in the books. Another hr on the treadmill. Another group of shakes to gulp down. Another HSM. Questions?

HSM: Smoked turkey breast, green beans, plain baked potato

DAY 13 & 14

Well, I guess I’m not cut out for this. Went home for the weekend again and couldn’t (wouldn’t?) stick to only shakes for 5 of 6 meals. Being away from my wife and kids during the week has been tough, maybe more so for them. My kids are small (8,5,3 yrs old) and, since we eat clean at home during the week, they like to have “pizza and a movie” night on the weekends. It’s even more important to them now that the weekends are the only time they see me. If there’s any good news its that we are also an active family so, with the decent weather over the weekend, we played out side alot and I completed the weekly V-Burn challenge. That said, my attempt at the V-Diet has morphed into V-Diet lite. Family and lunch and dinner meetings for work over the last two weeks have made this a fool’s errand. Yes, I could say ‘no’ to those meetings but, since I’ve only been here for 2 months, I don’t want/need to alienate the stakeholders in my job. I guess I should’ve thought about that a little more before investing in this experiment.

Driving back to town yesterday was NOT fun as it rained most of the way, never mind it taking more than the usual 5 1/2 hrs. No NEPA yesterday becuase of that.

HSM last nigfht (Sunday) was back to normal though: lean turkey burgers, white rice, steamed broccoli

DAY 15

Other than being “iced in” here in the DFW area and not able to get to the gym, I had a decent day. Being stuck in my apartment gave me the chance to get in another round of the V-Burn challenge (I missed week before last). However, I learned another very important lesson today: shaker bottles and blenders make for WAY better protein shakes. I left both at the office last week and left from there to go home. I live in the next town over and didn’t have a chance to get then from the office before the ice storm hit. Making shakes with a spoon sucks!

HSM: grilled chicken, red potatoes, zucchini

DAY 16

Not a bad day overall. Weather in the area remained poor and I was forced to find anoher place to get my NEPA walk in. The office didn’t open until noon due to the weather, which was sort of a blessing in disguise as no one asked me to go out to lunch. Ha.

HSM: Grilled chicken, white rice, steamed brocolli and cauliflower

DAY 17

An ‘ok’ day. Weather is still affecting my ability to get any exercise in. I was on the go for most of the day, however, and I think I was able to get in a decent amount of NEPA without a dedicated walk. Was kind of forced to have 2 HSMs today as I planned on having the one for the day at lunch, then a engineering firm trying to get my business invited me and some of my staff to dinner. I guess I could have just sat there drinking water, but I didn’t. So, V-Diet Lite again today.

HSM#1: smoked turkey breast, baked potato, green beans
HSM#2: Salmon, large green salad, rice pilaf

Day 19:

I apparently missed a day logging. Thursday, Feb. 26th was techincally Day 19.

Had a pretty good day. Was able to get to the gym for my NEPA walk (60 mins). Shakes went as planned, as well as the HSM.

HSM: Lean ground beef, rice, fajita-style veggies

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