Recreational Sports While on V-Diet?

I play rec ice hockey twice a week and plan to start the V-Diet after the 4th (already have river floating plans :smile: ). Is there anything I should adjust in the diet due to the extra exercise from hockey? I’m imaging my caloric intake may be too low if following as prescribed.


What level is the league? Just getting started or former junior players going all out? Or somewhere in between?

I wouldn’t go fussing necessarily with caloric intake. I would, however, absolutely use Surge Workout Fuel. Seeing that it is out of stock at the moment, a pre-game Finibar is a solid option.

Depending on the level of competitiveness, if you’re looking for an edge, Brian Candy (and previously Power Drive) is my pre-game go to.

Tinkering too much with the framework of the V-Diet can quickly get you out of the V-Diet altogether, and I can’t really comment too much on what to do with regards to that.

Obviously, avoid the post-game brews. Plan for one of your Metabolic Drive shakes instead. :wink:

Both teams are collegiate+ level players, so pretty competitive/high activity. And absolutely going to be skipping the post-game brews (will probably be the hardest part of v-diet for me :sob:)

Definitely agree that I don’t want to tinker with the layout of V-diet, but if I’m burning an additional 600(?) calories per game, that’s very possible to need some adjustment.

Also got a Whoop band coming, so this will really help understand just how much is being burned during all activities.

I would ask the experts here, but would consider adding one shake and/or drinking a Plazma before. I know Plazma is for lifting and pumps and blah blah, but the macros work with the diet, they suggest adding it on the V-burn day (probably a similar amount of calories burned vs. an hour skate) if you need the energy, etc… People have made this thing work with different types of programs, so it’s quite doable.

Assuming you’re skating at night, I might go: HSM a couple hours before, Plazma / some sort of extra calorie sourc eon your way to the rink (~200 cals), and nighttime shake right after (maybe add a scoop if you’re starving or find energy levels extra depleted the next day).

Net would be 200-300 extra calories, would be nicely surrounded so you have energy during, and even though you’re still burning more than you take in, that’s 1) the point and 2) not much different than you would have gotten in the NEPA.

I played some tennis as my NEPA a few days, which is definitely more like hockey in terms of energy usage, and I didn’t add calories, but I felt it a little bit.

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