Recovery Supplements

My joints have been feeling a little more achy than usual for the past couple of weeks, specifically the knees. I was wondering if there are any additional supplements I could utilize for recovery, or maybe adjust some dosages? Currently I’m taking:

Morning Vitamins after breakfast
-B, C, D, E, 2 Curcumin and 2 Flameout

-Micro and Indigo pre training
-3 scoops Plazma pre-during training
-1 serving Mag 10 post training

-Elite Pro Minerals, 2 Curcumin, 2 Flameout

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The Flameout is the thing that jumps out right away. 2 caps twice a day is fine for a “regular” dose, but it’s the kind of supplement that you can definitely bump up a bit at times. I often say, when my knees act up I’ll pop Flameout like aspirin 2-4 caps several times throughout the day. Doesn’t have to be with meals, though you may notice more fish burps if you take them without food. You could double-up your current fish oil dose and probably feel a difference soon enough.

Just heed Dan John’s advice about fish oil: “Increase your dose until things get runny - you’ll know what I mean - and then back down a bit.” It is a high-potency oil/fat, after all, and may be rough on the digestive system at very high doses.

The Curcumin isn’t something I’ve really tried out. I think Stu likes it for his shoulders. But I’m not really sure that’s something that would necessarily benefit from a higher-than-usual dosing.

Thank you very much for the quick response Chris!

I do get a good amount of fats during the day, on training days as much as I can while keeping carbs and total calories where they need to be. Non training days/weekends lots of good fats in there. My knees have always kind of been an issue, just acting up a little more than usual.

Awesome news about the Flameout, I wasn’t sure if increasing the dosage was ok but good to know I can up it a bit, gonna try that. The Curcumin I’ve noticed a difference after upping the dose to 4 caps daily from 2, good stuff.

Thanks again!

I agree with Chris about temporarily increasing the Flameout. And here’s one other thing to think about: too much iron can cause achy joints. We’re talking the dietary version here. You definitely don’t want a multivitamin that contains iron, and you may want to look at your food sources too. And while I doubt you’ll need this, Dr. Lowery has suggested that men donate blood just to dump any excess iron.

@Chris_Shugart Thanks for the info and recommendation, definitely going to increase Flameout temporarily. Thanks also for the info about iron, I didn’t know that. I currently don’t take a multivitamin, just a few individual vitamin sources, so hopefully I should be ok there!

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