Recovery Stack for Powerlifting Meet

In effort to help get this forum rolling and help myself out here is my question.

I have a powerlifting meet April 6th. I have Plazma, MAG-10, Finibars, and Indigo-3G ready to fuel me up, no worries. Oh and Spike.

I used to take ElitePro Minerals daily, but I haven’t in a few months. Next week is a deload, what would be the best recovery strategy for the week prior and after?

I am thinking:

  1. Power Drive to get the brain fixed up and recovered (plus I can use it during the meet, where Brain Candy might not be the best application here.)

  2. ElitePro OR Z-12 to boost sleep recovery (both?)

What are your thoughts and additions?

It looks like you’re very well covered for your powerlifting meet. The only possible addition could be <a href=""target=“new”>GPC Fast-Acting Shot to increase explosive power. Just take a capful 90 minutes before your first lift.

For your deload week, adding <a href=""target=“new”>Elitepro Minerals before bed would be a good choice. It makes sense: if you’ve ramping up for a meet, you could be depleted in key minerals, which is common in those getting ready for a competition. It would also ensure you’re getting restful sleep.

Elitepro Minerals may be all you need for sleep. The magnesium component will help you sleep if you’re running low due to intense training. <a href=""target=“new”>Z-12 is perfect if you’re having obvious sleep difficulties, which can happen when you’re peaking for an event. I’d suggest using it the night before the meet at least, just to insure you’re fully rested.

Your <a href=""target=“new”>Power Drive choice sounds good. It makes sense to take care of neural recovery in a deload week. Christian Thibaudeau is a big fan of Power Drive for that purpose.

Thanks Chris Shugart - I was actually thinking about adding GPC into my next training cycle, but a dose or two on meet day could work wonders!

Consider them ordered, with the exception of Z-12. I’m still un decided if I want to pursue that route.

It’s not that I can’t sleep or my sleep quality is lacking. I might be super anxious though and need it, plus I’m also not looking to use it for more than thursday/friday night. Thursday it might be good to ensure cortisol is down so friday I’m not holding water for weigh in!

what numbers are you planning to hit

Thanks for the help Shugart. Went 8 for 9. More detailed write up later, but Power Drive is a must.

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