Recomp/Cutting on Micro PA

I’m just wondering how much/if you guys have tried Micro-PA with people that are looking to drop weight, or even recomp. It seems most the info is for people looking to get bigger (and rightfully so) However for my goals I am not really looking to get bigger or add weight.

My wife, Dani, is using Micro-PA to get ready for a Figure competition. Micro-PA has fat loss effects. Dani is leaning up fast while at the same time bringing up a couple of lagging muscle groups to get her symmetry right. (She’s actually in a 3 hour posing practice session now or she would have responded.)

So, very effective for body recomp goals.

Great thanks Chris! I’m starting it today so can’t see what happens with this added in now, hopefully will kick the process into high gear

I had trouble dropping weight in the first 2 weeks, I actually gained a few pounds but I am losing weight again. It seems slower coming off but I feel harder. I should have taken before pics…

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