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Anthony asks:

I just ordered Mag-10, Indigo, and Micro-PA. I was wondering what the recommended stack is with this for a first time user? And will I lose any gains, after using one bottle? And should I take a break off of it after each bottle?

[quote]I was wondering what the recommended stack is with this for a first time
Those three are a solid place to start. Sticking with the label directions is always the best bet.
On training days
Micro-PA 60 minutes before training.
Indigo-3G 30-45 minutes before training.
Mag-10 15-20 minutes before training and/or right after training.

On non-training days
Micro-PA pretty much anytime, preferably before a Mag-10 dose.
Mag-10 first thing in the morning, anytime between meals, and/or last thing at night.
Indigo-3G 30 minutes before dinner.

These aren’t the kinds of supplements with short-term-only benefits. Nope.

There’s no need to cycle off any of them. Indigo-3G particularly works great if you’re on it for a while because the insulin sensitivity and body comp benefits have more time to kick in.

That helps out a lot. Thanks. Im glad i wont lose the gains.

Hi. I am a 41 year old Asian male trying to improve my body composition. I have been training consistently for about 3 years (3-4 session a week, 60-90 min per session, using mainly compound exercises like squats, pull ups, deadlifts, bench press, shoulder presses) and have gone from a fat (28% body fat) 98kg to a less fat (19% body fat) 85kg. I have been supplementing all this while with Optimum Nutrition products such as Gold Standard Whey, Creatine, BCAA. I’ve been told that I’ve been getting some good gains in terms of muscle mass.

I’m thinking of trying out Biotest products to put on more muscle mass and lose more fat to the low 10s of body fat percentage. The products I’m thinking of trying are Metabolic Drive, Carbolin and MAG-10.

Are these appropriate for someone of my profile? Currently i am into week 3 of your 10-week Power Look workout program.

Hi. I know this is a stupid question as this is a forum about biotest. But any alternatives to Plazma for pre and intra workout? Plazma is out of the budget right now :joy:

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