Recommendations for Muscle Growth and Mass


Tyler asks:

What product would you recommend for muscle growth and mass?


It all starts with your training and recovery, so the ideal place to start is proper workout nutrition.

Are you currently using anything? If so, Plazma will dunk on it, and do a celebration dance afterwards.

And if not, Plazma is the best place to start.

Next to that, Mag-10 will greatly enhance the recovery and growth process. I also like the body composition shifts that Carbolin 19 provides.


Yep, like SBT said, workout nutrition is always the first place to target supplements, whether you’re trying to lost fat or put on size.

Plazma is definitely the top choice there with the fastest absorbing protein and carbs to fuel performance in the gym and maximize recovery, combined with other nutrients to get more out of your sessions.

I’d also look at Micro-PA to help build more muscle and strength. It’s especially effective when your training incorporates classic bodybuilding techniques with a lot of time under tension, because that basically lets it do its job more efficiently.

One more thing to consider, if you find you’re having trouble fitting in enough calories due to your appetite, would be Metabolic Drive. It’s super-easy to mix up high-calorie shakes if you can’t eat enough calories during the day.

Mag-10 is perfect protein drink between meals (or before bed or first thing in the morning), but if you need help bumping your overall calories, I’d go with a big Metabolic Drive shake with some milk, a little peanut butter, or whatever.