Recent observations - Thibs protocol

I recently kicked up my training a notch in that I’m doing bodybuilding work in the AM and Olympic lifting/strength training in the PM (it should be the opposite but that’s the only way I can pull it off) and three things made a huge difference for me so far.

  • PLAZMA … I started using more of it and I notice an immediate difference in gains, fullness and recovery

  • MAG-10 pulses … a lot of them. I got back to my “MAG-10 slushies” strategy that worked so well for me in the past. I mix a serving of MAG-10 in a plastic bottle, put it in the fridge until it’s half froze and eat it like a slurpie. I must be getting in at least 8 servings a day.

  • BRAIN CANDY / ALPHA-GPC half & half. I find that the best neurological mix for me is 1/2 a BRAIN CANDY to which I add a capful of ALPHA-GPC. This is the mix that gets me in the best mood, gives me the most energy and better performances.

Getting pretty darn near my best form ever… going to be there before the end of summer!

Caffeine-free Brain Candy or regular?

[quote]sbearnso wrote:
Caffeine-free Brain Candy or regular?[/quote]


I love Brain Candy. I respond well to a full dose. But at one point I was running low and decided to take just one half and use a dose of Alpha-GPC with it and I felt so amazingly good the whole day that I decided to keep it up. it’s a life changer for me.

I’m a new fan of brain candy myself. I decided to give it a shot and bought the 5/3/1 stack. I have only used a half bottle at a time since I am a little sensitive to caffeine, especially first thing in the morning with no solid food in me. I was taking half on Monday then the rest on tuesday. Half on Thursday and then the rest on Friday.

I started to notice that I was kind of feeling off here and there, and then noticed it was always on wednesday. I got so used to feeling better the other days, feeling normal started to feel a bit off. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t feel bad or horrible, I just noticed it took me longer to get going and I felt a little sluggish for a good portion of the day. I was bummed the other day when I went to order and the regular was out of stock.

I too love Brain Candy, it’s a life-changer. I typically take a full bottle first thing in the morning. I then train in the afternoon.

I’ve never tried GPC but your post has me intrigued. My question is should I take a full dose of brain candy in the morning and a capful before my afternoon workout or experiment with a 1/2 dose of brain candy + GPC in the morning?

Thanks for sharing!

I’ve been taking Brain Candy about 5 times a week now for a long time but have decided to switch it up and go back to Alpha-GPC. One reason is because I’m really tolerant to caffeine now, where now, Brain Candy will basically make me feel ‘not tired’, but I don’t get that mood increase anymore. I miss those days where I could have a cup of joe and feel like a king.

Second reason is because I forgot how much Alpha-GPC kicks ass before lifting.

Hello Coach,

What does the rest of your diet look like? I know you are more of a training guy, but do you still stick to pulse feast type of diet? Do you worry about hitting a certain no of calories/macros? I tried the pulse feast method but for some reason Mag10 makes me really hungry, must be that insulin surge!

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