Recalculate KCal?


Hey Chris,

So I have lost about 14lbs so far (weigh in 3 days ago), I was wondering if I should recalculate my kcal? Thanks!


Nope, the starting number is low enough.

Plus, there’s a point where continuing to drop cals isn’t a good idea. You may lose muscle if prolonged, affect the metabolism etc.

Fat loss naturally slows down as you get closer to your goal, so no need to worry.

Now, you can reduce by one scoop of protein per day. That falls within the “wiggle room” area. But don’t do it unless you really feel you need to, get too full with the shakes etc.

Keep taking tape measurements though. That always tells a truer story than the scale.

Some extra info:


I will measure tonight and then again on weigh in day (monday)