Really Need Some Reassurance

Hi Chris,

I am on Day 12 of the V-Diet. I ordered everything from Biotest; I haven’t cheated with too much nut butter, adding milk etc. I have done everything by the book regarding the diet.

For the workouts because I have a recent back injury I haven’t been able to do squats or dead-lifts but have been training around the injury with upper body and lower body exercises as allowed.

My one HSM so far was breakfast…5 whole eggs and 1 small piece of flat bread I am currently overseas so my healthy carb choices are limited).

These are my weights thus far; started the diet on March 3, 2010 - today is March 14, 2010:

3/2/2010 220
3/5/2010 218.2
3/6/2010 217
3/7/2010 216.2
3/8/2010 215
3/9/2010 213.8
3/11/2010 214.4
3/12/2010 214
3/14/2010 213.6

You see there is an uptick in weight on 3/11/2010. I attribute that to water/glycogen from my HSM the day before.

Now I realize that weight loss will slow once the water/glycogen are gone but comparing 3/9 to 3/14 I’ve lost .2 pounds in 5 days; which given normal variations in weight is statistically meaningless, so in 5 days I haven’t lost any weight.

Now I realize raw weight isn’t the whole story, I am overseas in a remote area and don’t have a tape measure or the ability to measure body fat but my pants are not noticeably looser nor am I seeing much in the mirror over the last week.

Is this a normal plateau? Can I expect to get over this soon? I don’t mind gutting out the diet but I am feeling discouraged, any advice would help.



Well, you’ve lost about 7 pounds in 12 days. That’s really good.

And yes, weighing the day after the HSM is a no-no. You weigh the day of it: morning, empty stomach, etc.

You’re also breaking a lot of the rules of weighing, like weighing too often and driving yourself nuts with fractions, just as I said you would in the V-Diet instructions. Dude, you could take a shit and change those fractions.

Big picture, man. 7 pounds lost and looser pants in 12 days. Any faster fat loss than that and you’d have to start hacking away at your body fat with a bayonet.


I appreciate the rapid reply, but perhaps I didn’t state some things clearly.

What I typed was that I have not noticed an appreciable change in how my pants fit.It seems to me that the weight loss thus far may be mostly water.

What are your feelings regarding basically no weight loss over a 5 day period…do you see these slow down periods on the diet? Don’t get me wrong I have faith in the plan; really what I want to know if decreases in RATE of loss is normal.

Thanks again,



Allow me to add that even for a guy who likes his food, and generally hates the taste of any of this sort of product, the Biotest shakes are actually quite tasty (especially after a few days and you realize that is all you are getting :-)).

I find the diet to be very easy to follow and just a little willpower can get anyone through it if they want to succeed.

Thank you for everything thus far, can’t wait to see what the next 16 days brings!



Rate of actual fat loss varies wildly. A million different factors involved. The “pattern” is not consistent. Just because someone loses, say, 20 pounds in 6 weeks, it does not mean they lost 3.3 pounds every week or X-ounces per day.

Again, think long term and weigh once a week at the proper time.

PS: And as for water loss, that’s at most a pound, maybe two, for someone your size.

Good to know Chris, regarding both the “water” and “rate” questions.

I re-read your thoughts on weighing and stopped going to the scale every day-day and a half.

Tomorrow is my scheduled HSM and I will weigh before that per instructions.

Many thanks for the help.


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