Really High Water Retention Using Plazma?


So I’m finishing my first full week of training with Plazma and I’ve gained 8 lbs. All signs point to water retention (big one is that my wedding ring has gotten really tight). I’ve been back in the gym steady for about a year now. Diet isn’t great, but no changes in the last week. The only other change is that I’ve been drinking a lot more water thanks to having a 2l Nalgene bottle, but I wouldn’t think that would change my retention. RezV would be the only other thing I’ve added/changed in the same time frame.


@thomaschem - Just my .02 as a long time Plazma user, and competitive bodybuilder (so my OCD of water retention during prep really keeps me on top of the subject), I highly doubt the Plazma itself has anything to do with you gaining 8lbs of water weight. Without knowing more about your diet and such, purely based on your post, here are my thoughts:

If you can be more specific that would be helpful. Water and sodium are closely related. SO, if you’ve been drinking more water than usual, which it sounds like you have, as well as a “not great” diet which I’m assuming includes some processed and/or fast foods/going out to eat, then the high sodium combined with increased water could certainly lead to a temporary increase in water weight.

Your body is constantly trying to achieve a balanced state, and auto-regulates your sodium and water levels. If you suddenly increase your water intake, depending on your diet, it’s certainly possible to hold extra water. It easily could have happened with one night of “not great” eating depending on what you had and how much sodium/water you took in. Additionally, keep in mind with Plazma you’re getting additional carbs, which combined with water, create glycogen, which will definitely add scale weight.

SO, if you combine a sudden increase in carb intake, water, and sodium, you can certainly get 8lbs of water weight. I wouldn’t worry about it, keep doing what you’re doing, and see what happens after another week. Drinking more water is always a good way to drop excess water weight, because your body will know it has plenty coming in, and will not try to hold any additional.

I don’t think Rez-V would have anything to do with excess water weight.


@robstein- thanks so much. I hadn’t even thought about contest prep for BB and water retention issues which I’m guessing would render pretty much anything that causes water retention as persona non grata.

Yes on the diet. Processed and fast foods regularly as well as trips to the Chinese buffet to feed my workouts. I haven’t put the work in on the diet that I have on everything else. Based on what a couple people suggested in another forum, I’m cutting back to 1 scoop a day for the next week and continue flushing water through the system.

Thanks so much!