Real Fast Fat Loss for an Event

Hey chris
In about 3 weeks I have a school reunion event and it happens to be at the beach. I am now currently looking to drop as much fat (without any muscle loss) as possible before then. I was in a ‘mass gain phase’ and currently at about 15% bf, but now looking to get to 10% or under in that time frame. I was wondering what diet & supplements you would recommend?

Currently Taking MAG-10, Plazma & Indigo. I would even add HOT-ROX to the mix & adding Conditioning work

Thanks chris

Don’t focus on percentages, just do the best you can, without losing muscle, in the time you have.

General recs: Use Indigo-3G pre-training and Plazma as always. Every other “meal” make Mag-10, a few servings per day. At night, have one small, solid healthy meal with very low carbs. Piece of chicken and veggies for example. This is the only solid meal.

Use my “Conditioning, Not Cardio” guidelines at the bottom of this:

On off days, increase this to 20 minutes. And it never hurts to just take fast “bonus walks” to drain off calories. It adds up.

HOT-ROX is a fine addition given your short timeframe.

Awesome! Yeah I need to start avoiding looking at numbers and focusing on what I see in the mirror.
Also would adding pulse fast days on ‘off days’ to this plan be alright? Just don’t want to cause any metabolic slowdown or anything from dropping calories too fast
Thanks for the rapid answer chris.

Yes, a Pulse Fast day – a serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 once every 2-3 hours, no solid meals – would be great. With your schedule, you could start with a day like that, have one in the middle of your timeframe, then another the day before the event.

Okay cool. Much appreciated Chris! thanks again

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