Ready to Take Training Serious, Need Real Advice!

Hello and thanks to everyone in advance who advises me.

I’m 28 and I am very serious about getting my body fat to around the 14-16 percent range or lower if possible. But as quickly as possible while preserving As much muscle as possible. Now I am going to try to be as detailed as possible so you all can get the full idea of where I am. Around December I did a christmas video and felt like crap because I looked so overweight.

I’ve lifted weight all my life and have always been very lean as in I had a six pack showing but over the last three years I when from like 200lbs to 255lbs. So I decided to take my training more serious and a sprinting routine and started to watch my diet. By Jan 7 of this year I dropped to 243 but since then my progress has seemed to come to a complete halt. I don’t know what to do.

I just recently ordered some supplements to aid me but am unsure if it will help at all. They are hot rod extreme professional. Solid whey gold standard. Optimum micronized creatine. Bcaa from optimum and some multivitamins. I started the HOT-ROX at full dosage and I feel absolutely no effect from them except perhaps when I sprint I think my heart rate is faster but that may just be because I Chang d my sprint routine.

I am only on my third or second day though. I really want to lose this weight but I don’t know if I need something else or if I am doing something wrong. I take the hot rod on an empty stomach and at seven in the morning then second dose 6 hours later.

My sprint routine is now a ten second walk with ten burpees followed by a ten second walk and then an all out sprint and I repeat 6 times. It used to be 30 second walk followed by all out sprint for 12 sets. But I changed to wondering if I adapted.

I am using 260 calories for my diet. With 180 or so. Carbs 300 protein and like 50 fat. This is approximate figures as I am rushing to type all of this. My sleep cycle is a little off. Meaning not exactly eight hours.

I hope I have been detailed enough. My avatar has my picture .

Please give me specific detailed advise and if Chris Shugart or any other expert could please advise me I would appreciate it. And if you all need more info I tied this account to my phone so I will respond d promptly. Thank you again and sorry if I out too much info.

Solid look. Tons of muscle with not too much fat on top. Losing it should be easy enough with all that muscle mass to help out.

First, remember that you do not have to “feel” every supplement for it to be working. What does fat loss with muscle retention “feel” like? What does increased protein synthesis feel like? If you’re not sensitive to stimulants, then you may not feel HOT-ROX at all, though most people do notice the energy effects and some feel a little warmer throughout the day. But not feeling it doesn’t mean it’s not doing its thing. Some supplement companies take advantage of users’ needs to feel a supplement and add things that have no benefits but give the user a certain feeling (good or bad.) Biotest doesn’t play that game, instead giving you just what you need.

Suggestion: Like most men, it looks like you store most of your excess body fat around the love handle area and on the lower belly. But fat loss doesn’t “start” there for most people, or at least it’s harder to notice. People start to peel off fat in their face and neck first, then their limbs, chest and back, and THEN the fat loss “works its way down” to where the trouble spots actually are. So we like to encourage people with fat loss goals to take take measurements everywhere. Neck, arms, thighs, around the shoulders, chest/back etc. Then take three measurements in the belly area: 1 a few inches above the navel, 1 at the navel, and 1 just below or where the largest area is. Watch all these numbers, add them up, and see how many inches you lose. I suggest measuring about once every two weeks.

For supplements, you may want to look into <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G, which partitions nutrients (including carbs) toward muscle gains instead of fat storage. In fact, it works better if you get plenty of clean carbs.

Also, <a href=""target=“new”>Micro-PA will lead to muscle retention/gain and fat loss at the same time.

Diet wise, you didn’t mention any food choices, but if you haven’t tried this I’ve found that dropping anything with wheat and liquid milk will help you shed those last few pounds and get rid of water retention and bloat, giving you that thin-skin shredded look.

Hope this gives you some ideas!

Chris let me start saying thank you very much for such a fast and detailed response to my question. I realize as I read your post I didn’t put much about my nutrition.

So first let me ask is bit okay for me to use the two supplements you suggested in combination with everything I already stated I will be taking or should I I take them at different intervals. Because I would like to put the order for them right away if its okay for me to take them all together?

Okay second what were your thoughts on my cardio regimen?

Third you said to stay away from things with wheat or liquid milk, so can I just say its safe to add starch products in that category like rice and spaghetti? And as for liquid milk that one hit me hard cause I love milk and thought that if I drink fat free milk I would be good. But if its working against me I will stop immediately. So yay or nay?

Ummm finally schedule my being so hectic makes it hard to eat many meals and they usually have rice in them I also forgot to mention I started taking fish oil pills
about two a day. I have mostly only been eating chicken breast. With portions of rice. But drinking milk with a few things. The fat free one.

I think that’s basically it. My eating is random outside of the chicken breast part. But I am not a fast food eater or junk food eater.

  1. Yes, Indigo-3G and Micro-PA would be fine to take along with the basic supplements you already use.

  2. Your sprint program looks good, but the key to keep conditioning type of work working is to mix it up. Unlike weight training, you don’t want to adapt to it. I wrote a whole article on this with some good ideas and guidelines: You can still do your sprint/burpee routine, but mix in a few of these ideas too.

  3. Spaghetti is wheat, most of the time, though can get get it made of rice and buckwheat which is fine. Basically, I’ve seen a lot of people, myself included, adopt a gluten-free diet even though we’re not celiacs and don’t have a direct issue with gluten, and get much better fat loss results, plus it’s easier to stay lean. But other carb sources are fine: rice, potato, workout nutrition drinks, etc. So it’s not a low-carb plan, but rather a selective carb eating plan. No wheat or excess sugar, lots of other “clean” carb sources to match your activity level.

  4. It’s funny, but when I saw your pic I thought, “That guy is jacked, tons of muscle, but I can tell he drinks milk.” So my personal opinion is nay on the liquid milk, but don’t worry about most other dairy like hard cheeses. You can replace milk with almond milk. It’s not a protein source like cow’s milk, but it does make it easy to get rid of regular milk because you have something to replace it with. I love the stuff.

That should get you on track. With your solid base, you’ll look even bigger when you peel off that small layer of fat!

Chris thank you very much. I can’t describe how much I appreciate the advice. I have been following T-Nation for while now and only today decided to make an account and it was because of all the awesome advice I’ve seen you deliver. I will update my progress and will be ordering both the supplements you recommended after this message. Thank you again!!

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
… So my personal opinion is nay on the liquid milk, but don’t worry about most other dairy like hard cheeses… [/quote]


What do you think about Greek yogurt? Does it fall into the OK “most other dairy” category?

[quote]dbickley wrote:


What do you think about Greek yogurt? Does it fall into the OK “most other dairy” category?[/quote]

Yes. Just get the real (strained), plain kind. I personally have to keep all dairy limited (I just look bloated and less lean with too much, though I’m not lactose intolerant.) But Greek yogurt is good on occasion. I buy it plain then mix in a scoop of <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive. It’s like a creamy pudding. You can partially freeze as well for an ice cream-like dessert.

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