Ready to Start, But Just Got Injured


I have all the stuff ready to go. But I got injured while I was lifting BB. I got checked by a doc today about my right wrist and she said it is not broken yet sprained. I know I need to lift weights while on V-Diet. Should I wait until my wrist is healed, and start the diet then?

I want to start the diet but do the lifting and skip any movement involves my right arm. I know it will not be 100% sticking to the V-Diet program but I am sure if I stick to the diet plan, I will get the result.
What do you suggest?


You can still get results from the diet itself and doing what you can while working around the injury. But we’d rather see you able to give it 100% than just “making do” in the gym.

If you think you can work around the issue in the gym and still train with intensity – more low body exercises etc. – then go for it. If you think the workouts aren’t up to par but want to continue anyway, you could decrease the Metabolic Drive by one scoop per day to lower calories a little since you may not be expending as many. You could also cut the Surge Recovery in half and sip it during the workout instead of drinking a full serving after a workout, but only do that if needed. You don’t want to drop the calories too much or it could lead to metabolism slowdown.


Thanks Chris for a quick reply. I will start the program with lower body exercise only and consume normal calories and see what needs to be adjusted.