Ready for the V-Diet, But with Complications

Hey Chris, first wanted to say thanks for all the help you give on these forums along with the ebook. It makes things much easier.

So my normal weight is usually around 180ish. Right now I’m a little over 200 with not an incredible amount of bodyfat, but enough to get rid of. I have two questions I couldn’t find an answer for after a quick search of the forums.

1.) I start a 4 week post cycle treatment soon with my pct and a natural test booster. I’m ready for the V-Diet but not sure if it would be wiser to wait until after that. My weight will definitely drop during but I am looking for that extra push to really get my diet in check and keep it there.

2.) My job requires me to do PT every morning Monday - Friday. Usually up to 3 longer runs a week and 1 ruck march. This starts at 630 every morning and I’m already use to doing it with an empty stomach. Would this take place of the NEPA walks or would I still be good to do them? And I’m wondering if this would also require some more calories from the shakes. My body is definitely use to doing this every morning along with strength training in the afternoon with no problem.

Looking foward to your input. Thanks in advance.

  1. I’d say to go ahead and start. Up to you though.

  2. The NEPA walks can be skipped on PT days. NEPA activities are never catabolic though, so it’s okay to do them, but if time is an issue then no worries. You might need to stay on the higher end of the calories recommended but give it a week or so and adjust as outlined in the V-Diet ebook if needed.

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