Ready for a Change

A little back history, I am a 47yr old male that ate clean, worked out three days a week, got down to 17%BF in my 30’s after being fat and unhappy in my late 20’s. Everything was going great, I was not ripped by any stretch but was active, in shape and felt great for the first time in my adult life. I got a bit over zealous in my workouts and focused more on intensity than form and ended up hurting myself. The prednisone and lack of willpower to stick to my clean diet packed on 60lbs (the first time)… I’d get healed long enough to eat clean, lose 25-30lbs and get over zealous again… hurt another body part, and the cycle continued… until I gave up.

About 8 weeks ago I looked in the mirror and said enough was enough. It was 4 years since I set foot in the gym, I was at a staggering 251lbs 5’10 and the biggest I have ever been in my life. Just riding my mountain bike or walking with my kids was painful… the weight had to go. So I consulted a fairly well known gastro doc that I have known people to see and find real success, (the skinnier fat syndrome). His system consists of 4 protein type shakes per day with one solid(ish) vegetarian chili (or another similar fare) per day each at 100ish cal per meal… yes… 500 calories per day. He pumps you full of B vitamins and does blood work and other crap once a week to maintain the medical-ness of this approach and I have lost 25pounds (35%BF, BMI37 to 26%BF BMI28) in 4 weeks.

I have friends that consult him that are down 50lbs over 13weeks (you go into a modified maintenance diet that gives you 3 shakes, 1 HSM and a semi HSM per day after the 4-6 week initial)… and this is where I am at… my body shape has changed and my prior muscle mass is starting to show itself. The problem is, I don’t want to lose the little muscle I have and I am pretty certain I am at that juncture if I don’t graduate into something a bit more for my strength training inclinations and leave the sedentary liquid diet behind… started google searching and found T Nation, hybrid paleo and of course Velocity…

So the question is… is this something I can jump into? I am only used to eating 500cal a day, mostly liquid… and really really want to get back in the gym, ride my bike and get active again. This liquid diet has already ended the sugar, junk food cravings and I am dying to eat some real protein and green vegetables, over a heap of brown rice, but know that I need to lose another 25pounds and 15%BF ‘just’ to get back to where I was 10 years ago… so Velocity looks like a very promising next step for me… (comments?)

I wouldn’t suggest the V-Diet just yet. You need to get a handle on real food and real training first. Your doc’s plan is crapolla. “Effective” but perfectly designed to lead to a fast rebound. Your metabolism is likely shot all to hell and back, and you need food and lots of smart weight training for a few months before attempting the V-Diet. I strongly suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G as you seek to add more food back in and weight train. This will keep the fat re-gain at bay and help you build muscle and repartition nutrients toward lean tissue gain and not fat storage.

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