Ready for a Big 2 Weeks!


Well I am on day 3, I am about to do my vburn and my legs are killing me from squat day so I am going to replace that with a shoulder press this week. I got through the first day with workout, then I felt a little crappy about having my HSM the second day in but I want that meal to fall on Saturday.

I am currently 35 waist, want that to be 32 or less. I am 12 percent bodyfat so want to bring that down to 6 or 7. I have worked alot the last couple years and had stress and long bouts of not working out so this is more about forming a regimen. Once I hit 2 weeks I am rewired so this will be hard because of the extra free time "I spend about 2 hours a day in the kitchen.

I have adhd so I am also keeping track of my steps per day. If I feel I am getting to out of hand I will nap or something. Fri it rained all day and I did 5.1 miles. probably 4 pacing in my house. The nepa on sat I only did 3 miles because the speed and tight shoes caused me to rub the back of my ankles raw.

Other than all that I am ready to go. I used to be 225 at 6% when I played football so it would be cool to get around 210 solid. 225 is too big for everyday dude.


also looking at things I might have screwed up. If I walk say 3 miles everyday doing normal stuff. Is nepa mean I need to total of 2 to 4 miles in a day, or my daily plus, 2 to 4 miles? sorry. I had 6.2 total yesterday and I feel that is way to high on such a calorie restricted diet.