Read Your Bio, Chris. Help!


hello, I’m 15 years old and live in Brazil, in the state of sao paulo, was reading the biography of Chris Shugart and the same thing is happening to me, I’m hardly the stomach (already cut grains, high carbs, etc …) ? Thanks! I’m desperate, my stomach / intestine is not well, Chris

I have 1.70 and 133 pounds, was very small when I was fat, so at the beginning of last year I started going to the gym, and tirelessly searching (here in Brazil doctors are ignorant, do not seem to know how to read) I lost 32 pounds … (lost a lot of muscle because the races he did) in November 2011 started a diet and primal HIIT 3 ~ 5 week my body fat fell far enough to be cracked (abs), but at Christmas I had a relapse and started to eat junk food (garbage day) myself 10 ~ 12libras fatter, so I stopped, I can no longer lose more fat this again, I tried to Leangains more lost more muscle than fat … I ask the help of his experienced mind … … I want to build a great body lean and strong

Help me! Please!, Thanks
i’m not rich supplements to import your company …(but wanted to be …)
Germano Yoneda Pereira Lima


You’re 15. You’re only just now getting to the point where you physiology is ready to build a lot of muscle.

Build muscle with a basic program. Tons here in the archives available for free.

No need for a crazy diet plan. Eat healthy foods. Lots of them.