Reactions with Alpha Male

I recently purchased 2 bottles of Alpha Male. I had previously used the product with a lot of success in recomping while maintaining and even raising my strength levels. This time when I took the dosage I had extreme nausea even leading to vomiting. This happened 3 days. It felt as if my stomach was full of gas. Nothing has changed from my diet or supplement schedule since I had previously used the product with no side effects.

I decided to stop taking all supplements for one week and try again with the Alpha Male. Same result. I have tried taking one pill on an empty stomach and with food with the same result. Is there possibly something in my diet that is causing a reaction I have not considered?

Do you think a probiotic may help? Was Alpha Male reformulated recently? Thank you for you help! I have had nothing but amazing results with your products before this hiccup.

Alpha Male hasn’t been reformulated recently. Sorry, but I’m stumped on this one if you already tried taking it with and without food. We’ve never heard of that reaction being caused by Alpha Male before.

Thank you. I appreciate the quick reply

The same thing happened to me. Chris, i tried taking with & without food & the same thing happened.
I’m totally bummed as I loved Alpha Male. If anyone ever finds an answer I would love to know.

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