Re-Timing Bedtime Shakes?

Has anyone ever tried retiming their bedtime shake? I usually eat dinner around 6/630pm, then start bedtime routine around 8pm (meditation, etc) since I get up at 430am. Do you think it’d be reasonable to have a breakfast shake, then mid-morning, then lunch, then mid-afternoon, then eat the HSM?

Since you have a funky schedule, focus on just making sure you get in the 4 shakes, 1 HSM, (and workout nutrition on training days) broken down however fits your daily routine.

Part of the pre-bed shake might serve to act as a sort of “dessert” and to avoid feeling like you’re going to bed on an empty stomach after dinner, but if you’re okay with that and can stick to just the HSM, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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Hey Chris,

In line with the above, would you say that if training is done first thing in the morning, the HSM should be consumed during the post-workout window?

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