Re: Grip

Hi CT. I recently contacted you on Twitter regarding the mixed grip and the imbalances it causes.
I used a mixed grip for approximately a year on my deadlifts and I definitely feel that I’m suffering with some severe imbalance issues as a result. Mostly noticable in my lats and traps. Any tips on how I go about rectifying this?
Many thanks in advance.

I’m no CT but I would just begin using the double overhand grip with lower weights when deadlifting. Slowly ramping back to the weights you were using with the mixed grip. If I was to try to implement anything crazy, and this is only assuming you had a set mixed girp. Such as, always using the left hand as the underhand and right as the overhand. I would guess, by switching up your mixed grip (i.e if you used your left hand underhand start using that as overhand grip and the right side underhand) that you could focus on the imbalance. Although its probably not recommended. I would even venture to say that focusing on unilateral movements, such as 1 arm DB rows could really help as well.

Thanks jzy, appreciate the feedback. Yeah I did use a set mixed grip, I was young, dumb and ill-informed! I have toyed with the idea of reversing the mixed grip to see if I could counter any imbalances but I just feel it might be too risky. CT tweeted me regarding this issue and asked me to post on here so I’m hoping he adds some of his wisdom too. It’s a frustrating issue due to the symmetry and also posture so I’m quite desperate to find a remedy.

Yeah, the first thing is to go to the double overhand grip. If you deadlift with any kind of frequency (twice a week for example, even if once is lighter) it will begin to solve itself.

As it was mentioned, I’d be careful adding corrective exercises for individual muscles because correcting an imbalance developed via a compound movement using targeted exercises is touchy.

I would however switch to unilateral work for the traps and lats, focusing on feeling the muscles contract instead of on moving more weight. (but do it one arm at a time)

Thanks for the info CT.

I like the idea of unilateral work and I have already began adding some unilateral exercises to my sessions in the gym, but it’s good to confirm with you that this is the best approach long-term. I’ve viewed those video suggestions and I’m sure they’ll prove beneficial. I’ll stick at it and fingers crossed I can even out these imbalances.

My advice for anyone deadlifting: DON’T USE A MIXED GRIP!!!

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