Ray's V-Diet

Very good. I feel my workouts are getting better - better performance. Love to lift weights , so no problems here. I like it that my arms are not getting smaller, but my waist measurements are. I’ve taken weekly photos and I think it looks like I’m in (slightly) better shape. About two weeks to go (a little less) and I’m doing better and better.

Usually my steak/eggs/etc. are wrapped in a tortilla - a burrito - so I hope my carbs are good. Thanks, Chris, for the pointers!

Should read “Day 17”.

Day 17 Wednesday 5-1-19 Workout day. 5 AM I-3G, 530 AM Plazma, 6 AM WORKOUT, 8 AM MD shake/Superfood/Flameout. Lunch and afternoon MD/Flameout servings. HSM this evening - make sure I get good carbs. I mentioned I tried “keto”; I lost muscle mass. I need carbs. Finally - bedtime MD shake + ElitePro.

Can’t seem to get it right. Should have said “Day 16”.

Day 18 - Thurs, 5-2-19, NEPA Day.
Day 19 - Fri, 5-3-19, Workout Day.
Day 20 - Sat, 5-4-19, V-Burn Challenge Day.
Day 21 - Sun, 5-5-19, NEPA Day.
Day 22, Mon, 5-6-19, Workout Day. Did measurements, weight, photos.
Day 23 - Tues, 5-7-19, NEPA Day.

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Loving this accountability! Keep crushing it!

Finished up Days 24 through 27.
In summary, Day 28 was Sunday, 5-12-19. Made final photos Monday, 5-13-19, weight was 160#. Still need to make my final measurements.

  1. I am in better condition due to weight lifting. Had been slacking off, lifting sporadically. I diligently followed to the Intermediate weight training program.
  2. I developed a disciplined and mindful diet. Never have I followed a strict diet or nutrition plan. Observing the V-Diet has given me the ability to purposefully control my nutrition.
  3. Purposeful supplements. In the past, taking supplements was a guessing game. As in the V-Diet, I will continue to use Biotest supplements with my future workouts and diet plans.
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Great to hear you hit the finish line, man.

If you want to keep logging your general/non-V-Diet training, head over to the Training Logs forum. In any case, it sounds like you got a lot out of the month. Strong work.

YES! Way to go brother! Looking forward to seeing final measurements. I couldn’t see in your log, what was your starting weight?