Ray's V-Diet


Started my V-Diet. Official start day was yesterday, Monday, April 15th.
Did the Metabolic Drive shakes, Flameout, and HSM exactly as directed. Did the Monday Intermediate workout with Plazma before and during workout.
Did all my measurements and photos.



Let me change my goal to a POSITIVE one:
I will see my sick-pak abs!


SIX-PAK abs (not sick-pak). How do I edit my posts?


Day 2 (yesterday) was a no-workout day. Just MD shakes, Superfood, Flameout, and HSM as prescribed. Note to self: used less water per shake, less water so I can consume shakes within a reasonable time.
Day 3 - Wednesday, Intermediate Workout. 40 reps per exercise. I record the weight used, e.g., 95#, and log the reps per set. I add the reps, e.g., 8 - 16 - 24 - 31 - 40, is 5 sets of 8 reps. Clear as mud?
Works for me. Great workout! I KILLED it. Plazma before and during workout.


Let’s say it takes me 6 sets to get 40 reps; reps might look like 8 + 8 + 7 + 7 + 6 + 5 = 40. On my sets/reps log the reps are recorded as 8 / 16 / 23 / 29 / 35 / 40; I add them as I progress, keeps the total number of reps needed in my (small) brain.


Day 4 - no workout day. Easy day, just following the plan: 4 x 2-scoop MD shakes, 4 x 1 Flameout (taken with each shake). HSM this evening after work (4th shake before bedtime).

I plan to start taking Elite-Pro and Indigo-3G (on order). 7 tabs Elite-Pro in the evenings. 6 caps I3G with Plazma before workouts (morning workouts), and 6 caps before evening HSM on non-workout (rest) days. Is this acceptable? Please advise. Thank you.


Correction: 5 x 1 Flameouts; 1 Flameout with each shake, and 1 Flameout with HSM.


Day 5 - Friday Intermediate workout. Great workout - I killed it… or, it killed me! Started taking Indigo-3G, 6 tabs 30 min before first Plazma serving (before workout). Will take 6 tabs before evening HSM on “rest” days. Started taking Elite Pro, 7 tabs with MD shake before bedtime.

Day 6 - V-Burn Challenge day. Will do the Intermediate V-Burn. Question - Do I do Plazma before/during the V-Burn, just like on weight workout days? Or, is Plazma only for the weight training days? Please advise. Thanks!

Note: I keep a paper log of my V-Diet MD shakes/Flameout/Plazma/I-3G/HSM, etc. I keep a paper record of all my workouts - weight/sets/reps. I have seen others post their very detailed and informative V-Diet, workout, and personal measurement logs. From these I have learned a lot of good tips. Thank you!
I have not posted specific details about each workout, meal, etc., for sake of brevity. I you want to know how much I can bench press, well, let’s just say it would be a good laugh for the day.


Found my answer - did a search and got the answer from a post by Chris Colucci specifically addressing the issue. THANKS.


Day 7 - Sunday, rest day, NEPA only (and I have plenty of NEPA chore around the house to do). Did all my measurements/weight this morning. No significant objective differences to report, but that is to be expected; it’s only been 7 days. But, what is more important to me, and one might say is subjective, is that I feel better. I feel great! I can feel it in my biceps and triceps. I can feel it in my quads and hams. I set out to prove to myself that I can do this, that I will look better, and feel better. With a positive attitude, I expect great results and I am committed to the achievement of success as defined by me!