Ray's V-Diet

Started my V-Diet. Official start day was yesterday, Monday, April 15th.
Did the Metabolic Drive shakes, Flameout, and HSM exactly as directed. Did the Monday Intermediate workout with Plazma before and during workout.
Did all my measurements and photos.


Let me change my goal to a POSITIVE one:
I will see my sick-pak abs!

SIX-PAK abs (not sick-pak). How do I edit my posts?

Day 2 (yesterday) was a no-workout day. Just MD shakes, Superfood, Flameout, and HSM as prescribed. Note to self: used less water per shake, less water so I can consume shakes within a reasonable time.
Day 3 - Wednesday, Intermediate Workout. 40 reps per exercise. I record the weight used, e.g., 95#, and log the reps per set. I add the reps, e.g., 8 - 16 - 24 - 31 - 40, is 5 sets of 8 reps. Clear as mud?
Works for me. Great workout! I KILLED it. Plazma before and during workout.

Let’s say it takes me 6 sets to get 40 reps; reps might look like 8 + 8 + 7 + 7 + 6 + 5 = 40. On my sets/reps log the reps are recorded as 8 / 16 / 23 / 29 / 35 / 40; I add them as I progress, keeps the total number of reps needed in my (small) brain.

Day 4 - no workout day. Easy day, just following the plan: 4 x 2-scoop MD shakes, 4 x 1 Flameout (taken with each shake). HSM this evening after work (4th shake before bedtime).

I plan to start taking Elite-Pro and Indigo-3G (on order). 7 tabs Elite-Pro in the evenings. 6 caps I3G with Plazma before workouts (morning workouts), and 6 caps before evening HSM on non-workout (rest) days. Is this acceptable? Please advise. Thank you.

Correction: 5 x 1 Flameouts; 1 Flameout with each shake, and 1 Flameout with HSM.

Day 5 - Friday Intermediate workout. Great workout - I killed it… or, it killed me! Started taking Indigo-3G, 6 tabs 30 min before first Plazma serving (before workout). Will take 6 tabs before evening HSM on “rest” days. Started taking Elite Pro, 7 tabs with MD shake before bedtime.

Day 6 - V-Burn Challenge day. Will do the Intermediate V-Burn. Question - Do I do Plazma before/during the V-Burn, just like on weight workout days? Or, is Plazma only for the weight training days? Please advise. Thanks!

Note: I keep a paper log of my V-Diet MD shakes/Flameout/Plazma/I-3G/HSM, etc. I keep a paper record of all my workouts - weight/sets/reps. I have seen others post their very detailed and informative V-Diet, workout, and personal measurement logs. From these I have learned a lot of good tips. Thank you!
I have not posted specific details about each workout, meal, etc., for sake of brevity. I you want to know how much I can bench press, well, let’s just say it would be a good laugh for the day.

Found my answer - did a search and got the answer from a post by Chris Colucci specifically addressing the issue. THANKS.

Day 7 - Sunday, rest day, NEPA only (and I have plenty of NEPA chore around the house to do). Did all my measurements/weight this morning. No significant objective differences to report, but that is to be expected; it’s only been 7 days. But, what is more important to me, and one might say is subjective, is that I feel better. I feel great! I can feel it in my biceps and triceps. I can feel it in my quads and hams. I set out to prove to myself that I can do this, that I will look better, and feel better. With a positive attitude, I expect great results and I am committed to the achievement of success as defined by me!

Indigo-3G is one serving per day, either before training or before the HSM. So, yep, sounds like you’re on track. Having it before lifting is the priority (instead of before the HSM on days you train) because it helps the Plazma get to work even more efficiently.

Plazma is generally just before weight training. If you find yourself getting run down or dragging, you might consider one scoop of Plazma for the V-Burn, but it’s not necessary.

Ha. Um, did I just agree with myself then? I didn’t catch this post before starting the reply.

Other than that, sounds like you’ve been on track, man. Did you take Week One pics/measurements for the progress so far?

Yes, Chris, your answers and information are congruent and consistent. Thank you for your help.

Yes, made pics and measurements at end of WEEK ONE. Weight is the same as starting weight - 162 lb. Measurements are not significantly different, may vary by 1/8 to 1/4 inch. I think this is to be expected, no surprises her. But, I definitely feel the difference! Though my biceps, for example, may measure the same as last week, I feel stronger, firmer, kind of a “pumped” feel.

Day 8 - Monday, start of WEEK TWO. NEPA day, couldn’t fit the weight workout into my schedule. Will do weight training on Tues, Thurs, and Sat.

Day 9, Tuesday, Intermediate (Monday) weight workout this morning. 5 am coffee and Indigo-3G. 5:30 am, 1st serving of Plazma. 6 am weights and 2nd Plazma serving during workout. Great workout - feeling strong. Metabolic Drive shakes/Flameout - 3 servings over the day, HSM tonight, then Metabolic Drive before bed (plus ElitePro).

Just a word about goals… I stated that my goal was to LOSE THE FAT GUT! Then I restated that as I WILL SEE MY SIX-PAK ABS!
Fact is negative motivators are powerful - I’M SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED." Anger can be a potent driver - “I HATE my fat belly and I’m PISSED OFF!” When you’re punching the heavy bag, do you think, “Life is beautiful”? Or, do you say, “I’m gonna beat the HELL out of that son-of-a-bitch!”? Use whatever works best for you.

Day 10 - Wednesday. Another NEPA day. Feeling good after yesterdays workout. Just a little sore in all the right places - means I NEED that good, hard workout. MD shakes/Flameout today, Indigo-3G before HSM/Flameout this evening, then MD/Flameout and ElitePro before bedtime.

Day 12 - Friday, 4-26-19. NEPA day, will get plenty of NEPA with errands and chores at the casa. I’ve got this down to a science now - MD Shakes, Superfood, Flameout, I-3G, HSM, ElitePro. On NEPA days I do I-3G 30 min. before my evening HSM (workout days - I-3G 30 min. before Plazma in the morning).
Feel like I’m learning, correcting, and improving my V-Diet meals and workouts. I read and re-read my V-Diet ebook, read other threads & posts, looking for tips to help. I do think I’m getting better. Any glaring errors that you see, or tips you can offer to help me correct and improve even more? Thank you!

Day 11 - Thursday, 4-26-19, Intermediate (Wednesday’s) Workout. Great workout. I feel like I’m getting back into weight-lifting shape. Rest periods after some of the sets may run a little long, takes time to “recuperate”; but I’m pushing it hard and fast as I can. On some lifts I can bang out the set/reps in the prescribed rest periods, so I do feel stronger and in better condition.
5 AM - coffee & I-3G. 5:30 AM - Plazma. 6 AM - workout & Plazma. 8 AM - MD, Superfood, Flameout breakfast. Lunch and mid-afternoon MD/Flameout. Evening HSM/Flameout, then bedtime MD/Flameout/ElitePro. Feel like it was an excellent day.
#1 - the gals at the office threw a birthday party, all kinds of goodies. I was somewhat tempted, but I did NOT give in.
#2 - I’ve got my HSM dialed in - I eat a big salad FIRST, then I eat my steak/eggs, etc. During WEEK ONE I would eat two chicken breast and four eggs, then a small salad, because I was starving. It was a Humongous Solid Meal. So from now on it is a big salad first, then steak/eggs/etc.

Day 13 - Saturday, 4-27-19. Intermediate (Friday) Workout Day.
Day 14 - Sunday, 4-28-19. V-Burn Challenge day.
Day 15 - End of WEEK 2 (start of WEEK 3) Monday, 4-29-19. Did all measurements and weight this morning. Facts:
My weight is down approximately 2 lb. Starting weight was roughly 163 lb., could’ve been 162 or 164 (can hardly read the scale, damn near blind). This morning was 161# and I really tried to see the accurate weight. Why is this significant? Read on.
My measurements are approximately the same at neck/chest/arms/etc., but slightly tightening up at waist. What does this mean?
Here is my opinion:

  1. My goal is not necessarily to lose weight. It is too lose the spare tire. I wouldn’t mind gaining weight if it is muscle mass.
  2. What do my muscle measurements imply? I am not losing muscle mass! My arm/leg measurements haven’t significantly changed ( neither plus nor minus). Therefore, I am not losing muscle, and my muscles are firmer, stronger.
  3. Waist measurements are starting to tighten up - nothing remarkable. But there are still two weeks to go.
    What’s the big deal? I have tried “keto” diets and “intermittent fasting” programs and I know I lost muscle mass (I was skinnier) without a significant reduction of the spare tire. I know my waistline is getting more firm and I am not losing muscle.

Day 15 - Monday Intermediate Workout Day.

Day 15 - NEPA Day. Tuesday, 4-30-19.

Nice. Those little tests of willpower add up. Either small cracks leadway to bigger cheats or you hold the line reinforcing yourself and it gets easier each time. Good call.

Make sure you’re also getting some good carbs in the HSM. That goes a long way towards energy and recovery, so the plan doesn’t turn into a super-low carb diet.

Peoples’ bodies lose fat differently. A lot of it is luck of the genetic draw with how they store fat. It’s why measuring multiples sites is recommended, like the manual lays out. Neck, chest, navel, waist, thighs, calves, etc.

Total inches should be going generally down and performance in the gym should be going up (an indicator of muscle). Taking weekly photos also helps so you can compare side by side views, which can be a little more objective.