Rays Diet Log


Day 1:

Initial weight and measurements:

Height: 5â?? 11â??
Weight: 175lbs
Neck: 15.5
Shoulders: 17.5
Chest â?? Upper: 41.5
Chest â?? Lower: 40
Waist - at Navel: 33.5
Waist - at largest: See above…seems to be largest at my navel. lol.
Hips - at largest: 36
Upper Arm â?? L: 13
Upper Arm â?? R: 13
Upper Leg â?? L: 24.5
Upper Leg â?? R:24.5
Lower Leg â?? L:15
Lower Leg â?? R: 15
Ankle â?? L: 8.5
Ankle â?? R: 9 (slightly larger because of swelling from a implant)


Morning shake: 8am
Afternoon shake: 12pm
Snack shake: 3pm
Post work out shake: 6pm
Dinner shake: 7pm
Bed time shake: 10pm

Activity: Day 1- Intermediate work out (60 min)

Reflecting on day:

The first day was pretty hard. I cut out a lot of calories and really felt hungry especially when at work sitting at my desk for 7.5 hours. I also did feel light headed at some points. I don’t think I drank enough water and I usually eat every 1.5 to 2 hours so it was difficult to get used to having a shake every 3-4 hours. I did cheat a bit, I had 8 almonds :frowning:

Day 2:


Morning shake: 8am
Afternoon shake: 12pm
Snack shake: 3pm
MAG-10: 6-7pm (During BJJ)
Dinner shake: 8pm
Bed time shake: 10pm

Activity: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (60 min)

Reflecting on day:

Day 2 was much easier. My body seems to be adapting a bit better to the shakes. Less headaches today. I did drink a tons more water as well, about 3 litres. Had to go to the washroom every 20 min, lol. No cheating today! So that’s a plus!


nicely done ray - welcome aboard!


Looks like you are right on schedule, way to go Ray.


Thank you very much Triskele and Hooner!

Any motivation will help! This is probably the hardest fat loss (actually really the only) diet I have done.

Day 3:

Morning shake: 8am
Lunch shake: 12pm
Snack shake: 3pm
Post workout shake: 7pm
Dinner shake: 8pm
Bedtime shake: 10:30pm

Activity: Intermediate Exercise Day 2 - Medium weight - 8-9 RM - 40 reps per exercise

Barbell Squats: 115lbs 8 reps/ set (I substituted the squats for the reverse lunges)
Barbell rows: 95lbs 8 reps/ set
barbell military press: 85lbs 8 reps/ set
Barbell curls: 55lbs 8 reps/ set
Reverse crunches on floor: 10 reps/ set with body weight.
Plank: 30 sec on with 10 sec rest in between. Did 5 sets.

How am I feeling today?

Today like yesterday was a bit easier. I know the night is not done but I find after the exercise and the Surge recovery drink I am really not that hungry! I feel energized and feel like I can work out more, but I won’t lol. I still need to have my dinner shake and bed time shake but I am not worried about slipping tonight. I came home and my Mom (Yeah I still live at home, I am saving money for my wedding next year) was cooking and I didn’t have the slightest feeling towards trying it. That may be a good or bad thing because I love food lol. The only time I still find it difficult is when I am at work and sitting at my desk but I will keep at it!


good job so far! things will get easier. you have to break your food addictions. once the results start coming in, you will have no problem staying motivated and getting everything done right.


Thanks GregManzo!

Day 4:

Breakfast: 8am
Lunch: 12:30pm
Snack: 3:30pm
MAG-10 AP: 6-7:30pm
Dinner: 8:30pm
Snack: 10:30pm

Activity: 1.5hrs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Reflecting on the day:

Much easier today. I am getting used to the shakes. Not feeling famished in between shakes. I think I will need to start getting a bit creative and add a bit of cinnamon or nut meg to the morning shake. I wish I could add some chili’s to the afternoon or evening shake but that would probably not taste good! lol. 24 more days to go! I am really looking forward to the results. Hopefully a nice set of washboard abs! lol


Day 5:

Breakfast: 8:00am
Lunch: 12:00pm
Snack: 3:30pm
Post work out: 6:30pm
Dinner: 8:00pm
Bedtime snack: 10:30pm


Deadlifts: 155lbs x 8 reps x 5 sets
Decline Dumb bell benchpress: 40lbs x 8 reps x 5 sets
Neutral grip pull ups: bodyweight x 8 reps x 5 sets
walkouts from knees: bodyweight x 8 reps x 5 sets
Planks: 2 min planks/1 min break - 4 sets

45 sec break between sets/ workouts

Reflecting on the day:

I was feeling a bit tired today. I did not sleep well last night. I feel my appetite is not as big as before. I actually didn’t even feeling like having last nights bedtime shake. I had 2 tablespoons of peanut butter then called it a night. Tonight I will have the shake though. Hopefully its not bad missing out on one for one day. So back on today, going to the theatre to see a movie, probably 21 jump street. I don’t eat movie popcorn or drink soft drinks anyway so no temptation there, plus I hear laughing burns a lot of calories! lol


Day 6:

Breakfast: 9:00am
Inter-workout MAG-10 AP: 12-1:30pm
Lunch: 2:15pm
Snack: 5:30pm
Dinner: 8:30pm
Bedtime: 10:30pm

Workout: 1.5 hrs Muay Thai/ Striking

Reflecting on the day:

Today was great! I had a pretty great Muay Thai class. Learned a few new combo’s and did lots of sparring and conditioning drills. The MAG-10 always tastes awesome and keeps me energized. Had to visit the wedding hall in the afternoon after training to go over some of the details so that pushed my snack time back a bit. I was pretty hungry once we got back home. My fiance wanted to watch food tv so i had to sit through like 4 hours of Eat Street and You Gotta Eat Here! That was tough since we are both really big foodies. I salivated the whole time but I didn’t let up or eat anything I was not supposed to. This is definitely not an easy fat loss diet but I am serious about it and I am really seeing results even after just Day 6. I am guessing a lot of it may be water weight. Tomorrow is my first HSF, I am looking forward to it. I am going to probably do a beef tenderloin with a very low fat reduction sauce (usually i just add a bit of red wine and beef stock to the pan and deglaze - no cream) mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, and some sweet potato.


Day 7 - Day 11

I have not had a chance to come online in a while but I have been keeping a record of everything on paper. So far everything is going well and I have been sticking to the diet. I am looking forward to the HSM this weekend! I will also be taking another set of measurements to see how I am doing on Sunday morning. I can already feel the pants getting looser so that is a good sign!

17 more days to go! Hoping for big changes!


Good job Ray, one week down. Enjoy your HSM!


nice work ray! great to see you’re on track