Rawberry's V-Diet

What’s up all? I’m joining in on the Feb V-Diet action.

I’m new to T-Nation also so a little bg info:

I’m a 26 year old ER doc, about 6’0", 212 lbs, trained off and on for ages but serious maybe a year and a half. Was a long distance runner and bball player in high school, dabbled with weights a bit but never gained a ton of mass b/c of retarded diet/distance running/not lifting w/ consistency. Gained weight slowly throughout college/med school, up to about a max of about 230. I can lose weight slow and steady without a problem (1-5 pounds/month generally), but muscular/strength gains are obviously slow when you’re always half-ass dieting.

Anyway the goal is to lean down so that I can then bulk without turning into a complete tub of shit. Therefore I will be starting my (slightly bastardized) V-Diet on the 3rd. Blows that I can’t start on the 1st since this is the most perfect V-Diet month ever…but it doesn’t really matter since my work schedule is completely independent of weekdays/weekends anyway.

This post is way the fuck to long…so more details on supps/training, etc. to come.

Why/how are you bastardizing it? It’s written the way it is for a reason.

Hey man welcome to the club! I finish on Sat. Then I begin the transition…Best of luck to ya!

[quote]mcl wrote:
Why/how are you bastardizing it? It’s written the way it is for a reason.[/quote]

Completely agreed. The bastardization comes from my job…lots of weird hours, overnight shifts, etc. So there may be some timing issues. Also I’m probably not going to take the HOT-ROX. On top of that I might do a bit of cardio still on account of the fact that I’m doing a mini in a couple of months…the amount will depend on how I feel on the diet

Hey Raw,
I also work a rotating swing shift. It is not that bad, only the day when I come back in on nights.

I would not recommend bastardizing the diet. It is written the way it is for a reason. If you read the workout page about the NEPA, the extra normal cardio could and probably will jeopardize the results of the diet. I think CS said, the failure rate is unreal when people don’t follow the diet as laid out.

Today is the end of week two for me and I have lost 15# and several inches following the diet as is.

Just my thoughts.
Best of luck.


Fantastic results, congratulations. Appreciate the input. You may be right. Looking at it I probably will not do a ton of cardio. A busy ED shift qualifies as quite a bit of NEPA as well I’d imagine…pretty much 10 hours nonstop standing/speedwalking. Hell I thought I was gonna do cardio last month and ended up doing like 3-4 runs tops (hate cold/hate treadmills).

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