Random (Modified) V-Diet Thoughts

I’ve been doing a slightly modified version of the V-Diet for the past 2 weeks and I’m impressed with the results thus far. I’ve been doing paleo/low-carb for 3 years and lifting for ~10 years, so I’m pretty lean already (5’9, 170lb, I haven’t been above 10% BF in years). I recently spent a few weeks in Europe eating more gluten than I wanted to (i.e., any) and it took its toll on my digestion. Every food in europe is some incarnation of bread and sugar, so I just ended up not eating much food at all (I lost about 5-6 pounds that month), but at times it was unavoidable. I frequently do 24 hour fasts, but I usually break the fast with lots of meat, butter, veggies, and berries, not sugary garbage.

To “reset” myself, I ate well above maintenance calories for a week after returning (a friend’s wedding feast helped!) and then embarked on a version of Dr. Eades’ intenstinal repair protocol: liquid protein diet + glutamine and probiotic supplementation to repair damage done by gluten. I have coupled this approach with the V-Diet before with great results. All I do is the regular V-Diet with a few changes (below) and supplement with lots of glutamine (20-30g/day) and a stronger-than-usual probiotic.

I changed a few things from the prescribed V-Diet. Here they are:

-No HOT-ROX. I absolutely cannot stand strong stimulants. I cannot even finish a medium starbucks coffee without considering checking myself into the ER, so anything more than 100mg of caffeine in a day is completely out of the question for me.

-3 shakes a day, not 6. I’ve done intermittent fasting for years (I only eat for 8 hours a day) and I hate eating in the morning. The “eat 6 meals a day” thing has little scientific evidence behind it and provides me with no psychological benefit, so I have a shake at noon, a shake at 4, and a shake at 8. Each shake is 3 and 1/3 scoops of Metabolic Drive, giving me 220g protein/day.

-I use unsweetened dried coconut flakes in rotation with almond butter and flax. The have a ton of fiber, are low in carbs, and taste AMAZING with MD banana (tastes like some type of tropical treat).

-Only recently began using Surge Recovery or any carbs around my workouts. It still feels weird to me not to work out fasted (I usually work out at 10am after a 14 hour fast) and to have carbs around the time of my workouts, but I’m trying to give it a fair shot. So far, a scoop of Surge Recovery and 20g of Optimum nutrition pro-complex natural (no artificial sweetners!) is my pre-workout shake. PWO I have one of my V-Diet shakes with an additional scoop of Surge Recovery thrown in.

I’ve lost a couple of pounds and I’ve noticed that I look more ripped (as has my gf and a few friends) though I think the artificial sweetener in the MD is keeping me bloated. I’m actually leaner after my HSM because of this. I would love to see a version of Metabolic Drive that is both less sweet and sweetened without splenda and fillers (or not at all) but it does the trick in the mean time. I was already below 10% BF before starting, so I probably won’t keep going for more than a week or so (~3 weeks total).

Many thanks to Chris and others for putting together a great diet plan. I’ve recommended the V-Diet to a few people (my mom lost almost 30 pounds in 40 days on the V-Diet without training at all!) and they’ve had great results. I’ve tweaked the plan a bit for my specific purposes, but the V-Diet is a solid diet when you want results. To everyone on the diet: keep up the great work!

I am pretty much sure that you can’t call this the V-Diet. It’s nothing like it.

[quote]marycler wrote:
I am pretty much sure that you can’t call this the V-Diet. It’s nothing like it.[/quote]


I think saying this is “nothing” like the V-Diet is a bit of an overstatement. I have made a few changes, but nothing crucial to the diet (or at least nothing unavoidable). It is still a PSMF (protein sparing modified fast), I consumed the same amount of calories and macronutrients. It’s very, very similar. Dried coconut has essentially the same nutrient profile as nut butters, the number of shakes per day is metabolically irrelevant if the total cals and macronutrients are the same and, as I mentioned, HOT-ROX is NOT an option for me. I’m too sensitive to stimulants – it’s simply not doable.

That being said, I had great results on my modified V-Diet. I lost about 5 pounds in 4 weeks, while increasing all of my lifts significantly (10-15% across the board, with Bench and Front Squat increasing the most). Overall, I felt great and it was just what I needed to adjust after my Eurotrip. I’m back on my usual low-carb paleo diet and feelin’ great!

Keep up the good work, guys.

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