Ran My Marathon and Back for More!

Started today.
Put on some bloating weight after running the marathon that I want to shed and then some. Its weird when running 60 miles/week and then running a 26 mile run that i would put on weight, but that is exactly what my wife and I did. I am doing a triathalon in the morning tomorrow. I’m sure it won’t screw up my fat burning too bad since I’ll only be starting day 2 of the diet and I won’t have depleted all of my carb sources just yet. I will drink some surge both pre and post race though just to keep on point.

I will post more when I get time. This will be my 4th go on the V-Diet and what I can say is that I love the way I feel when I am on the diet. I tried the gluten free diet over the last six months as well as abstained from alcohol and that didn’t seem to make a big difference for me. What will make a big difference is limiting carbs to less than 80g/day after the V-Diet is over. I am excited to do this once more. Wish me luck!
NECK 16.5
ARM L 14.75
ARM R 15.25

Where did the weight come from? (water weight I hold in my mid section and bigger leg muscles.)

Did the triathalon today and took 2nd in my division. Swim, 15 mile bike and 3.1 mi run in 1:19:43 Did my run in 7 min miles and my bike was done at 20mph. Swim was a joke. I didn’t feel hindered by the v-diet. Good stuff.

Walked 4 mi @ 4.2mph 1.0 incline this morning.

Last night starting around 6/7pm and ending around right now was my official carb withdrawl time. I hate this part of the diet, but love the way I feel after I get my body switched over to processing fat to fuel my brain with the sugar it desires. The headache was painful as a 6 score from 1-10 pain scale. I almost cheated and gave it carbs in the middle of the night last night after I woke up for the 6th time.
Its over now. It will be smooth sailing from here. See you in 25 days!

Workout Intermediate:
Front Squat: 155x5x4
Chin up: BW+20lb vest x 5x4
DB Bench: 75x5x4
Ab Rollouts: BWx10x3

Tweaked my back a bit on the third set of Front Squats (haven’t done that movement in a while). After I am done with this round, I signed up for another marathon in September. After that, I am done with Marathons for a long long time and am going to stick with Sprint and Olympic triathalons. It just doesn’t feel good when you complete a marathon, but when I am done with a tri; I feel great.

NEPA: Walked 4.25mi @ 4.3mph and 1.5incline.

I decided today that I will be doing a modified V-Diet since I have completed three rounds as prescribed and have yet to eliminate my bad eating behaviors long term. I seem to use the V-Diet as a way to keep my weight in check and run away from my emotional eating issues.

After this first full week of V-Diet normalcy I will start a one day on, one day off routine for the next sixty days and see what the result is. I will still measure and weigh in weekly and abstain from alcohol (will be six months in three days). I will follow the NEPA protocol and weight lifting protocol and just let that run through the entire transition phase as well.

I will ramp up my cardio during the final 3-4 weeks of the diet because of the marathon training I need to do for september as well as the tough mudder and whatever else I get myself involved in.

Thanks for following me on my journey.

Hey Igloo72,

I know what you are talking about when you start gaining fat back after the V-Diet. I’ve done 2 V-Diets and after the 2nd one I found it easier to stay away from the crap foods by Carb Cycling. I have 2 high days, 2 Med. days, and 3 Low days. I lift 4 days a week, and I do 6 days of ESD (energy system development). I was in a strength phase for 9 weeks, and now I am in my 3rd week of hypertrophy.

Through carb cycling and ESD, I have found a way to build muscle while getting lean and staying lean. I have been doing this for 3 months and have never wanted to cheat and I am leaner than I have ever been. I have found that as long as I am eating enough good fats, I never have a taste for the bad fats, and as long as I eat enough good carbs (sweet potatoes, beans, etc.), I don’t want to eat the bad carbs. This is my program:

Monday - ESD/Lift
Tuesday - ESD/Lift
Wednesday - ESD
Thursday - ESD/Lift
Friday - ESD/Lift
Saturday - 40 mins steady state cardio
Sunday - off. On this day I also do a MAG-10 pulse fast all day and eat a healthy dinner.

I only do more than 30 minutes of cardio on Saturdays. Every other day is between 15-30 minutes. I do ESD in the AM and lift on the PM.

Good Peri workout nutrition is very important. I am still using Surge during and after my lifts. I aim to get 1.5 grams per pound of protein per day.

So, the V-Diet has definitely changed my way of thinking about food, but obviously we can’t live on shakes alone indefinitely. Just think of food as fuel and that your body is a machine :wink:

I don’t know if you have ever done carb cycling. If you haven’t, maybe it will work for you too. There are a lot of articles on here.


Thank you for your experience! I have done carb cycling before with good results although I always feel so much better when I am on a low carb diet since there are no crashes. I was thinking of doing something similar to this after the modified V-Diet (2days on 1 day off) that i plan on doing over the next 45 days. Its more like half a day off because I only do breakfast/snack/lunch on the day off simply because I have night eating issues.

The carb cycling routing I was planning was to eat low carb other than around my workouts every day. That should get rid of me snacking on crap food at night before bed (chips etc.) and definitely get me to a leaner state. I have to train for the next 26.2 marathon this Sept so I need to eat carbs, but just need to eat a lot of them before, during and after my training sessions. Other than that I am going to limit them to 10% of my total calories during non workout areas of each day. If anything the fact that i will stay on point should get me back to the 190 (only 20lbs away) weight that i feel is ideal.

Thanks again for your input.

Todays breakfast was 2 tiny corn tortillas with eggs, chicken strips, green olives and salsa (about 600 calories). After my 5mile NEPA walk at lunch time today I am going back on the shakes for the remainder of today through Saturday morning.

So, you stated in your first post that you and your wife gained weight after your marathon. Just curious, what would make you run another one? I’m sure that you have read Chris’s post about running making you fat. I wholeheartedly believe that. I have done a lot of running in the past 14 years in the military, and I am glad to not be made to do that anymore. You can lose weight (muscle and fat) fast when first starting a running routine, but why would you want to lose muscle.

I’m not trying to go against what you may believe in, or a hobby that you have, I am just really interested why you run so much since you are trying to get lean, and I believe stay lean?

I see your point and know it to be true, but for some reason I keep going back to running because its how I first dropped from 220lbs 5’8" freshman in H.s. to 170lbs at 6’0" six months after that. It got ingrained my brain that it was the fastest way to fat loss. I feel that running for one week and then lifting for one week may keep my body guessing and may stop my appetite from spiraling out of control (something I may try in the future).

The reason I do it though is for the challenge and the endorphin (runners high) rush that keeps me coming back. I had to walk part of the one I just did in May and am pissed at myself about it… I want to right my wrong and pace a tad slower in september along with some training that doesn’t involve injuring my achillies tendon half way through. After that I will drop the water weight I gained from the training. IT IS water weight that I gain and muscle and not fat gain. It is temporary and it comes off. In fact I went from 218 post marathon to 210 today already. I am actually feeling great today.

NEPA: walked 4 mi @ 4.3mph and 2.0 incline
REverse Lunges DB: 40x10,10,10,10
BOR BB: 135x10,10,10,7,3
PUsh Press: 135x10,10,8,6,6
BB Curlz: 75x10,10,8,6,6
REverse crunch: BWx10,10,10,10

Yesterday: NEPA walked 7miles @ 4.3mph and 2.0incline
Today: NEPA walked 5 miles @ 4.3mph 2.0 incline

Will take weight and measurements in a few hours and post up.
I haven’t been on point with everything, but this time around I wasn’t meaning to be anyways. I have had shakes say 90% of the week and kept everything else relatively low carb. I do see progress and measurements will support that.

After One week of V-diet
WEIGHT down to 211.3 (loss of 6.7 lbs)
NECK 16 (loss of .5")
SHOULDERS 52 (loss of .5")
CHEST-UPPER 45.5 (loss of .5")
CHEST-LOWER 44 (gain of 1")
WAIST-NAVEL 39 (loss of 2")
WAIST-LARGEST 40 (loss of 1.5")
HIPS 41 (loss of 1")
ARM L 14.5 (loss of .25")
ARM R 15 (loss of .25")
UPPER LEG L 24 (loss of .75")
UPPER LEG R 24 (loss of .75")
CALF L 16 same
CALF R 16 same
ANKLE L 9 same
ANKLE R 9 same

Total inches lost during week 1: 7"
Total weight lost during week 1: 6.7lbs

V-diet challenge was done in a poor 35minutes.

NEPA: Walked 4mi @ 4.3mph 2.0incline
Also worked outside and was active all day, very sore from framing some floors.

NEPA: Walked 3.5mi @ 4.3mph 2.0 incline
Will lift and post later today.

Front Squat: 165x5,5,5,5
Ring Chin Ups: Bwx5,5,4,3,3
DB Bench Press: 80sx5,5,5,5
Ab Rollout: BWx10,10,10

NEPA: Walked 2mi @ 4.3mph and 2.0 incline
Ran 2mi @ 6.5mph and 2.0 incline (because I failed the diet miserably last night)

I am pretty upset at myself because I fell completely off the wagon last night in regards to food. My wife and kids bough all sort of “snack foods” from the natural foods section at the grocery store. I love these things, sea salt potato chips and newman o’s. Terrible I tell you, terrible. Woke up in the middle of the night and ate more. I am sure I ate an additional thousand calories that I didn’t intend to when the day started.

This proves that I am not very good at modifying the diet. If I give myself an inch, I take a yard. I am going back to the normal shake protocol for the next 21 days. I don’t think that the night of eating hurt my results much, but I do think that if I let it continue I will be off this shake diet in a matter of days. When I do this to myself I feel like crap as well and that is the opposite reason why i do this shake diet to begin with. the V-Diet helps me feel amazing day in and day out. I am going back to that. This will mark the first time I failed the V-Diet and it is my 4th go around. Go figure…

Wednesday NEPA: Walked 4.5mi @ 4.3mph and 2.0 incline
Worked in the garage for three hours building again, lots of sweat equity there.

Thursday: NEPA: Walked 3.5mi @ 4.3mph and 3.0 incline (will walk more later)
Will log lifting workout after lunch.

Walked 1 mile @ 4.3mph
Reverse Lunge: 40DBsx10,10,10,8,5
BOR BB: 155x10,8,8,7,5,2
Push Press: 115x8,8,8,8,8
Curlz BB: 80x10,10,10,10
Reverse ab thing: BWx10,10,10,10

NEPA: Walked 4.0mi @ 4.3mph 2.0 incline
again walked 1.5mi@4.3mph 1.0 incline and ran 1.5mi @7mph 1.0 incline.

Saturday: NEPA: Walked 4.0 mi @ 4.3mph/2.0incline

I am fucking struggling with this right now, I gained a POUND last week. I will re-weigh in two days because I binge ate last night and I’m sure I am carrying around a bunch of water weight. Maybe this will help me re-focus for the next 2-3 weeks, but I think I am going to weigh myself more than once a week for a while only for motivation. I’m not sure why I’m struggling so much this round; I think its the time of the year, but I’m not certain. I have been good during the day, but when it comes to my fourth shake for dinner I break down and eat food with my family instead of drinking a shake and then it just carries into the night. I then wake up a few times each night seeking food. I will rid myself of this with locks on the fridge and pantry though.

Deadlift: 225x10,10,10,10
Dips: BWx10,10,10,10
Lat Pulldown: 170x8,8,8,7,8
Hand Walkout: from toes : 3 from knees: 27

After week two of V-diet
WEIGHT up to 213.6 (loss of 4.1 lbs)
NECK 16 (loss of .5")
SHOULDERS 52 (loss of .5")
CHEST-UPPER 45.5 (loss of .5")
WAIST-NAVEL 38.5 (loss of 2.5") still lost 1/2" while gaining weight during the week good sign
WAIST-LARGEST 39.75 (loss of 1.75")
HIPS 41 (loss of 1")
ARM L 15 (gain of .25")
ARM R 15.25 same
UPPER LEG L 24 (loss of .75")
UPPER LEG R 24.25 (loss of .5")
CALF L 16 same
CALF R 16 same
ANKLE L 9 same
ANKLE R 9 same

Total inches lost during week 1: 8.75" additional inches lost off of midsection was all of the difference from week one’s end.
Total weight lost during week 1: 4.1lbs

6-16: NEPA: Walked 4mi@4.3mph 2.5incline
Fathers day: Spent the day going to church in the morning, on the boat with the family and didn’t do any additional lifting.
6-17: NEPA: Walked 4.25mi@4.5mph 2.0 incline
Did the v-diet challenge in 30 minutes.

6-18: NEPA: Walked 4.3mi@4.3mph 2.0incline

So… I royally screwed up my modified V-diet and am very pissed at myself for it.
I have been doing the daily NEPA and then doing the shakes all day until after dinner when I eat everything in sight. This is an awful way to live…
I plan on doing the v-diet as prescribed and as I have done before until this Friday evening when I will run out of protein powder. I have been doing the lifts, but whatever I tweaked in my neck three weeks ago has been bothering me since then and the pain has been a hinder on everything I am attempting to accomplish. I weigh in at 214 right now and would like to see 205-206 by the end of the week which is very do-able considering I am in a bloated state at the moment.

I am starting my marathon training combined with weight training following the v-diet for the September marathon. I hate feeling like a failure and it is screwing with my mind the last two weeks. I am back on track and going to finish strong. Wish me luck because I think I will need it…

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