Rakish Fat Loss


Welcome to my “Rakish Fat loss” blog. 28 days of hellish velocity dieting. Like all the great rakes I will bend the rules and cheat like hell. And I will get better results than 95% of people who attempt this diet.

Here are my starting stats:

Age: 35

Status: Working full time, married with three small children (4,2, and 1)

Height: 6’3"

Weight: 212lb (96Kg)

Measurements: Waist 38"

Hip skin fold test: 9mm. (Apart form the pictures I don�?�¢??t need any of the other stats)

Here is what I think I will achieve in 28 days:

Age: I’ll still be 35

Status: I hope I still have a job and a wife. The three kids will be glad its over!

Height: 6’3"

Weight: 195lb (which is really 202lb once I start eating normally, a net fat loss of 10lb)

Measurements: Waist 35"

Hip skin fold test 3-4mm.

The pictures should look pretty good. At about 10% body fat I�?�¢??ll look like a lean 18 year old from the neck down.


At at breakfast this morning my wife asked “Don’t” kill me for asking, but why are you doing this"

I felt like a polar explorer, trying to explain the almost unanswerable: ‘but why do that to yourself?’

“Give me a taste of that shake” “Here you go” “That’s awful, how long are you going to be doing this” “28 days!”

I left for the gym as quick as I could.

I’ll explain some background. I’ve done several extreme diets in the last few years. I reckon about 6 or 8 in total. I used to play competitive football. I have often used Rapid fat loss diets to trim down towards the end of the off season. I’ve mostly done Lyle McDonald’s Rapid fat loss and UD2.0. I’ve tried pretty much everything. I know what works and what does not and how my body responds to dieting.

I met Dan John in 2009 when he came to Ireland for a seminar. He spoke about his experience of the velocity diet. Its always been in the back of my head to give it a go.

Dan John has been a huge inspiration. I loved his book “Never let go”. For me that’s what its all about: Never letting go.

Morning weight: 209lb, got a good workout, energy is low, very tired this morning even after a full nights sleep. Added salt to shakes and posted a before pic on the blog.


Here I am at my leanest (January 2010 at 205lb)


Ok, for some reason the before picture did not upload on the last post.

Here I am on July 1st 2011 at 210lb


I bought a 32Kg Kettlebell a few weeks ago. It is a beast. At first I my grip wasn’t strong enough to hold on to the bell through a swing. When I did get my swings going my shoulders shook and my delts ached. My glues, abs and hamstrings were fried within minutes.

I’ve been using a 24kg bell for over a year. I’m fairly well conditioned to using these beauties. I’ve done the RKC challenge (100 snatches in 5 minutes) with a 24kg bell. It took about 12 weeks to build up to the RKC challenge and I put an inch on my forearms and shoulders in the process. The 32kg bell still kicked my ass.

I’m going to adapt my program by using kettlebells when ever possible. I’ll use them for the reverse Lunges and the Push press. I’ll also use them for warm ups. Kettlebells are ideally suited to fat loss programs.

This morning I weighed 206.6lb. Felt tired and low energy yesterday. I also had a splitting headache. All of that is gone today. Easy street from here on eh?


205.2lb this morning. So thats -7lb in 3 days. Feel pretty good. Got a good workout tonight too. Feeling good. Long may it last.

Put in a blog entry on my previous experience over the last 3 years of Rapid fat loss diets. There is a nice chart in there showing by progress through 4 28 day diet phases.

check out the chart here:


Velocity Training


When you do a workout how long does it take? Last night I did this workout. It took 36minutes. In total the session took 47 minutes including warm up and setup. The only equipment used was 2 kettlebells, a 25kg barbell and horisontal bar for the inverted rows. I did all this in my back garden, the commute time was nil. Dan John would be proud. I do 4 sessions like this a week. I have a full time job, a wife and 3 kids, needs must!

Exercise/weight/total reps/reps per set/rest per set
Reverse lunges 32kg kettlebell 40 reps 6,6,6,6,6,6,4 -40 sec
Inverted Row Body weight(BW=205lb) 40 reps 8,6,6,6,6,4,4 -40 sec
Push Press 24kg kettlebell 40 reps 6,6,6,6,6,5,5 -40 sec
Barbell curls 25kg 40 reps 6,6,6,6,6,6,4 -40 sec
Reverse crunch flat 40 reps 6,6,6,6,6,6,4 -40 sec

The Push presses were brutal physically and mentally. Using a kettle bell and doing 6 reps per hand is really 12 reps at a very fast tempo. They just seem endless. Yet so effective, the kettle bell is so well suited to fat loss training.

205.2lb again this morning. Same as yesterday. Which is -7lb in four days. That is still positive given that I had an aftermax with 40g carbs and a liter of salty water after this workout.


Day 6: 204.2lb (-8lb)

Family day today so no time for elaborate blog posts.

Total was a tough day mentally. Good weather, family and friends: Food and drink (alcohol) temptations everywhere I looked today.

Did a good workout this morning. I did the session in my back garden/home gym with the kids running around. The kids must think their Dad has gone nuts. I think I cursed out loud at every one of the 40x100kg Deadlifts.

The hand walk out are a good exercise. My two boys thought it was a game and ran in front of me between reps as if i was crawling forward and back trying to catch their legs.


One week down, what a buzz to get through that first week.

212 day 1
203.8 day 7
206.4 day 8 after HSM… so glad to get through the v-burn challenge. What a workout!

I was inspired today. Here is what I posted on

You don’t fully trust the supplement companies? Do you really believe you are getting 25g per scoop? Is it all a smoke screen? The idea of eating so much meat somehow seems wrong. All that chewing! How many chickens have been sacrificed for your fat loss and muscle gains goals? You diet, you lose some weight. You go back to eating a normal maintenance diet. But you just put the weight straight back on. You feel you deserve a break from the dieting. A few extra sugary treats slip in to the diet almost unconsciously. Social and family events are punctuated by rich food, sugary treats and alcohol. Life is too short to be so strict on yourself all the time. There is no enjoyment from eating healthy all the time. Read on at

Sorry guys the editor here keeps messing up the " and ’ characters. That blog entry was too long to fix them all.


Day 10: 205.2lb -7lb.

One week of a high protein liquid diet. Four tough workouts. Doesn’t sound like much when you write it down? It is hell on earth, believe me! One week into the v-diet and the penny dropped. My gotcha moment! Once you finish one week of the velocity diet you pretty much feel you can do anything. If you can do one week and it didn’t kill you, you can do two; if you can do two you can do four.

Here is how my thinking has changed in that first week:

  1. I could trust my protein shakes. It wasn’t just inert white powder in there.
  2. I worked out harder that week than I had in over a year. I could see the impact that regular protein uptake had on my training and recovery.
  3. Some days I was drinking nearly 300g of protein. And the fat was still being stripped off. There was no need to worry about compromising fat loss by taking too much protein.
  4. I put on muscle that week. I feet stronger; I made gains in the gym. I didn’t expect that.
  5. My mindset about the velocity diet transition phase changed. That was a huge shift for me.

The transition phase of the V-Diet, is where you gradually ease yourself back onto healthy solid food. First with just one solid meal a day then two and so on. A first I thought it was a hoax. A clever way of fudging and cloaking glycogen weight gain over a few weeks. My plan was to do the 28 days. Then pig out on carbohydrates for a few days. Return to bad old habits with a bang. This is wrong. You are doomed to the same faith if I you do this. Gorging on carbohydrates might sound like heaven. It is actually worse than the diet itself. Your blood sugar goes up and down like crazy. You body doesn’t know what is happening. You feel chronically tired, cranky and stressed. You don’t feel like working out. You will carve caffeine, alcohol and anything else that will give you a mood change!

My healthy solid meal on the Sunday of week 1 was so satisfying. It got me trough a gruelling v-burn challenge on the Sunday night. The Monday of week 2, was the easiest day of the diet to that point. I think the gradual transition back to healthy, clean unprocessed carbohydrates is a good idea. Ease yourself back into healthy eating. Reinforce the positives all the time.

The 99 ice cream cone: what a treat. On a warm summers day when you need a little pick up there is nothing like it. It brings you back to the happy days of your childhood, the warm summers days, the family outings, holidays, golden beaches, the Atlantic Ocean, the Killarney lakes.

Last weekend I was in Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland, one of the most spectacularly scenic places on earth. I was there to watch my team Cork take on arch rivals Kerry in the annual Munster championship Gaelic football final. There were 40,000 people packed into the small town on a beautiful summerâ??s day. The atmosphere in the town was amazing. The anticipation of the match. The last minute exchange of tickets. The two mile long stream of cars into the town. The pubs overflowing onto the streets. Old friends and family shooting the breeze. On days like this you feel life doesn’t really get much better.

Half my family is from Kerry, my father is from Cork and played for Cork at underage level, my motherâ??s family including my 90 year old grandfather are from Kerry. Kerry is the home of Gaelic football; they are the source, the aristocracy. Cork are current all Ireland champions, with a young, powerful and impressive team. Kerry won on this day. Cork’s performance was disappointing. Too many unforced errors. Itâ??s deeply personal to me. Its deeply personal to my father and my brother. We love Kerry and we love the Kerry people but we hate losing to them. Three 99s ease the pain.

So what has all this got to do with protein, diet and body composition? It’s about moderation. Hereâ??s is another example: I have had stand up rows in the past with workmates over not having lunch in McDonalds just because there is one right next to the office. These days, I’m an advocate of McDonalds in certain circumstances. I bring my kids to McDonald, maybe once a week, its cheap, its clean, the kids love it, it’s a treat and the coffee is good. And, as an aside, if you order the double quarter pounder and cheese you get nearly 50g of protein in your meal.

The trick is moderation. You eat 35 meals a week. If 34 of them are clean healthy meals with a lean protein source in each meal, then one large double quarter pounder meal with and diet coke and a 99 per week isn’t going to have any negative affect on your goals. You may even get away with 2 or 3 cheat meals a week. More than that and you are on a slippery slope.

It’s hard to maintain this discipline unless you are in an environment with people who have already made the shift. It takes time and we all regress. Iâ??ve made great progress on rapid fat loss diets. I’m a hard gainer but I’ve made steady progress with strength training. I have regressed form time to time. We all do unless we surround ourselves with positive reinforcing influences.


Day 11


202.4lb on day 13, (212lb on day 1).

Weekends and deadlifts - the ultimate fat loss weapon
Day 13, Saturday the 16th of July was the worst day of this diet by far. I had to jump out of bed to deliver a bottle to the baby at around 7am. My blood sugar was in my boots, I got up, walked about 6 steps and had to sit down again on one of the kids beds, dizzy, head going blank, no energy. Give it a few second and wait for the blood to return to my head. Deliver the bottle and back to bed. I got up an hour later not feeling a whole lot better.

I went to the gym at 10am to do a 40minute session. My wife needed to be somewhere at 11am. ?No problem, this session only takes 40 minutes?. At 10:45 I got a call, ?where are you?. I finished the session in 5 minutes, I realised in that 5 minutes how I should have been doing the session in the first place. I raced between the deadlifts, bench press, pull ups and walkouts. No farting about, I felt the adrenaline, the lactic and a bit of anger. That’s how these sessions are supposed to feel. That?s where you get a response. I probably got more out of that last five minutes that the previous 45. I spent most of the other 45 minutes thinking about my deadlift form and what I was doing with my shoulders. That’s important too but if you want a mass building, fat burning response you just lift the damb the thing and move on. The deadlift is probably the best fat burning mass building weapon there is.

40x110kg deadlifts on a Saturday morning when you feel pretty crap anyway can send you either of two ways. It can kick start your day or it can resign you to the couch for the day. I have a wife and 3 kids, Saturday and couches aren?t really an option until after the kids have gone to bed. Off to town on the tram. The tram is a a one mile walk from the house. And we have a 4 year old who doesn’t feel like walking today. So a couple of hour of walking later, mostly load bearing a 30lb child, we return home. I hit the couch and fall asleep. I wake up 20 minutes later and the dinner is cooking. Right, this is getting ridiculous. The healthy solid meal is going to be move forward one day. I might pay for this next weekend but enough is enough. Funnily enough I didn’t feel much better after the meal. I went to bed early. Just write it off as a bad diet day. I felt much better the next day.


204.6 day 14 (HSM on day 13)


I noticed I would get those spurts of rage in the middle or end of some of my workouts too. Feels great when it happens! I don’t dwell too much on getting that feeling every workout, or if a workout here or there doesn’t seem to go that great.

Your body’s going through a lot of dietary changes, so do the best you can on the workouts, and enjoy the ones where you get a boost of energy and anger to get through them.

Nice log. I’ll be following.


Day: 19
Weight: 202lb (-10lb from day 1)

Diet compliance is 100%. Workouts going great. Movitation is still high. Fat loss has flattened out over the last week. Feeling a bit drained and dizzy at times. I suspect major metabolic slowdown. I’m thinking my HSM tomorrow needs to be fairly substantial to kick start fat loss again and get me through the last 8 days.

At this point I suspect I will lose more fat in the 1st transision week than I will in week 4 of the diet propper.


Day 20 I weighted in at 202lb -10lb from day 1. In week 3 my fat loss flat lined. I didn’t need to look at the scales. I can always see fat loss in the mirror first anyway. I don’t need to look in the mirror either. My body was fighting back every further gram of fat loss like my life depended on it. As it should! But why so soon? This is metabolic slowdown. The curse of every diet. Usually it is not an issue until you are heading towards 10-12% body fat.

I reckon I’m still mid to high teens. This seems very early for this type of slowdown to be happening. By Friday afternoon I couldn’t sit down for five minutes and stand up again without feeling faint. My concentration was affected too. Once it gets to a point where it is affecting the day job and family life its time to call it quits. I stuck with it until my planed HSM on Saturday afternoon and quit after that. So, 21 days it lasted.