RageInspired's V-Diet round 2

This is my second time on the V-Diet. It’s been 2 years since my last time I did it. The first time I did it I started at 260 lbs and dropped down to 230. From there I continued to live a healthier life style and experiment with changes in my diet. This last semester at school I started to make more and more excuses as well as procrastinating on taking my diet a step further and ended up back where I was with a crappy diet and too much fat.

So that short version brings us to today. I’ve just arrived back home from college and had my V-Diet waiting for me when I got here. I’m now 21, I weigh 245 lbs and am 6 feet tall. I’ll post pictures soon so I can keep a real running record of progress this time. Sticking to this diet is strangely easy to me, at least thats what I remember. I know most of that is due to its simplicity.

This time around I have a few more things pushing me too, the Warrior Dash is coming up, it’s summer, I’m still fat, and I’m pretty sure I’m about to be single (my plan to cut a negative influence).

Anyways thanks to anyone and everyone who gives their support, a huge thank you to Biotest, Shugart and Waterbury.

I’ll keep you guys updated this time!


Cool. Keep us posted, Kevin!

Good luck buddy, there is a good group of folks here to support each other! I’m one week into my V-Diet right now. Looking forward to seeing your stats and progress posts.

Much success to you man!

Thanks for the support guys.

I feel dumb asking this already and I feel I know the answer but correct me if I’m wrong. Is the Surge shake after a workout an extra shake for the day or does it replace one? When I look at my calorie totals that are planned out I assume its an extra one. I’m getting quite full so I just need to know. I suspect this won’t be such a problem once my body gets use to the volume of liquid again. Just not peeing enough yet haha.

I also just got back from my work out. Doing a 4 part super set (day 1 on the advanced program) in a small gym is a pain. Luckily I can bring everything to do it the squat rack where most people are scared to venture.

As far as hot rocks go I took one when I woke up and 1 six hours later (bottle directions). I realize it doesn’t matter with food or not but does anyone have a general guideline as to the timing of their second dose?

The Surge Recovery is an extra shake. I know how you feel. The first few days on the V-Diet I was actually full all the time and had a hard time forcing down the last shakes of the day because I was stuffed on liquid. However, it gets easier. Once your body starts realizing that it’s not getting enough calories and goes into burn mode you’ll start looking forward to shake time because you get hungry when you miss a meal.

With regards to HOT-ROX, I typically take one first thing in the morning when I wake up (6:00am or so) before heading off to work. I take the second dose around 2:00 PM, after lunch but before the afternoon snack. You’re supposed to take them on an empty stomach I believe, so I try to do it an hour or so before the afternoon meal.

Thanks for that Ethan. I thought thats what it was. This was definitely one thing I didn’t remember from before.

As for the HOT-ROX I take my first one before my morning NEPA. The second dose I take around snack time #1.

So day number 2 of the diet. I felt pretty good this morning, ready to take on day 2. Not working out is going to feel weird today as before this I was on a 6-day a week routine. I’ll do some more NEPA to try and feel better about it though.

Yeah, it is overwhelming to have that shake plus it’s the only one I absolutely hate. Since I work out mid-day it interferes with my afternoon shake that I have to push off a little…in turn pushing everything off to later in the night. I have started drinking my first shake of the day earlier on workout days so that everything ends about the right time.

Ok so day 3 is coming to a close. One more shake to go in about an hour and then it’s off to bed. I’m finally getting the hang of ingesting all the liquid and protein. I tried out some cinnamon in a vanilla shake today and I liked it quite a bit. It was like a crappy graham cracker. Today’s temptations were through the roof, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with my friends for lunch (I did not eat anything), My mom made a big home cooked meal (Passed on it easily), and I just was invited out for another meal with a friend who just came home, lucky I could turn it down with an excuse I have to sleep.

Today’s workout went very well too. I actually was right on with the weight I was suppose to be using so it felt pretty good. I had a great sweat going and felt pretty burnt. Already looking forward to Friday’s workout, it doesn’t seem to difficult.

I start work tomorrow early and get to pack along 2 tubs of protein and deal with all the idiots who will be criticizing me for this diet. The best part is that I work for a certain medical association so there are bound to be plenty of people who “know” better. I actually look forward to this part though.

I have to say one nice thing about this diet is I get tired much earlier. Seeing as I have to get up early this should work out well to my advantage.

Best of luck fellow V-dieters!

Day one of work was ok at best. Didn’t get to move around as much as I had hoped but I was fine for the most part.

Day two of work and fifth day on the V-diet: I’m really tired, but I definitely went to sleep later than I planned. I got to talk about the diet with someone where I work who works in the facilities department. He wasn’t shocked at all which was unusual but he seemed to understand the concepts and causes better than anyone so far.

This may sound weird but I have hardly used a scale at all to track progress. I’m doing everything through pictures and I feel like I’m already noticing a little bit from only 5 days.

I’m really looking forward to my HSM on Sunday, I’m going for Chicken Shrimp and Steak fajitas (I’m making them). Anyone have suggestions for a side dish?

Ok so its day 6 and I’m feeling fine. I have a bit of a rumbling stomach but it isn’t terrible. I have really bad gas a lot of the time.

Yesterday’s workout made me pretty light headed by the end but I felt good still.

Today is just going to be a relaxing nepa only day so there isn’t to much to post other than I checked out the scale today. When I left school Sunday I knew I was leaving at around 242-245. Both scales at home are now reading around 233 so I’m guessing the scale at school was way off or both at home are. it seems a little quick to have put off 10 lbs, but then again maybe it was just water or something.

Tomorrow is my first attempt at the V-burn challenge and I’m really excited after reading all the shit I’m suppose to do in the advanced program. I get to follow it up with my HSM which is incredibly exciting, all my focus is starting to go to it. I have to pick up ingredients tonight.

Day 7!

Wow that V-burn challenge was tough. I “completed” it in 34:51. I use quotes because I was hitting 10 reps on all the sets. I was definitely falling short a lot by set 4. Hell by the end of set 2 I was telling myself I would quit after set 3. By the end of set 3 I was like well I may as well get over the hump and do 4, then I could quit. So set 4 came and went by and I thought I was going to drop at that point. Then I got my evil little smile not understanding what I was about to say to myself and said “were finishing this” (I don’t often talk to myself but when I do it seems like I’m trying to trick myself into outputting more effort). 15 minutes later I was at the end of set 7 and absolutely drenched in sweat, cursing, and just about to pass out.

I’m finally pooping regularly too! that was exciting for me. I had 3 days where I didn’t poop and I got worried but stayed the coarse.

Today’s HSM will probably be savored more than any meal I have ever had before.

1 week down 3 to go.

Yeah, the first V-challenge is rough. You will be surprised at how well you do it by the end. My time cut in half and I’m old!!! LOL

Good job, keep it going.


Haha, yeah V-BURN is pretty rough. Circuit training like that is really, really good to throw into the mix though. I was glad to see that was part of the workout plan when I started the V-DIET. It’s miserable, but it provides a great balance for burning fat and making sure you don’t lose your ability to perform cardio.

Thanks for info Stoner and Ethan. I have a feeling after the V-diet I’m going to start to include something like the v-burn challenge a lot more often.

My friend owns a copy of that new hyped up Insanity program that came out and I might use it post V-diet just for movements sake. I’m thinking I’ll use it as part of a 2 a day program. INCASE anyone thinks I’m really out of my mind for considering it just remember some of the biggest name coaches take step classes and things like that so don’t get carried away.

Day 9 now. Typical day, no surprises yet.

So back on Sunday (day 7), that healthy meal was a God send. I ate nice and slow trying to use the things I’ve learned here to teach my body when it is actually full. My fajitas were fantastic and I was almost upset I didn’t make more but that would of defeated the point. I even liked the vegetables I put in it! I usually just pick out the meat.

Yesterday (day 8) I had just finished lifting and slamming my Surge when I received a phone call from a friend. She says “Kevin, I’m going to go running and usually I would never call anyone normal for this but lets face it you aren’t normal and neither am I. Want to go?” I took her up on her invitation and used it as my NEPA. She ran and I walked with a light weighted vest for about 2 miles. I’m not sure if the weighted vest is completely against the rules with the NEPA. I can’t decide if I would really classify it as exercise but Chris if you’re reading this a little clarification would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Over all a solid last few days.

I never mentioned this before but on day 5 I cut out one of the most negative forces in my life (broke up with long term girl friend). She never would have approved of the diet, before anyone reads into this the diet is not the reason I ended the relationship, the story would be more appropriate for the SAMA forum and I’m not going to bother to write it up. I just want to move on and keep up the progress.

Thanks for your support

Sorry to hear that you broke up with your girlfriend, that’s a difficult situation, but it sounds like it was definitely for the best if she was a negative influence on your lifestyle.

With regards to the border of NEPA vs. Exercise, I struggle with that as well. In fact, because I’ve been trying to follow the V-DIET rules to the letter, I have actually cut out quite a bit of exercise from my normal routine. I used to do quite a lot of high intensity cardio (ie: sprints, plyometrics, swimming, etc), and right now I’m trying not to as long as I’m on the V-DIET. I have still been going for an occassional swim because it’s hard for me not to, I just consider that my NEPA for the day.

One thing I can say though, is that I’m glad I’ve cut out the extra cardio while on this diet, because I actually feel like I have way more energy and I’m still burning fat. I’m pretty sure I overwork myself fairly often over the past 6-12 months.

Anyway, congrats on the progress so far. You gotta post your workout numbers!

Ethan I know what you mean about the volume reduction in workouts. I’m use to 6 days in the gym balls to the wall weight lifting. Not much for cardio though aside from complexes.

Ok I’ll post some numbers. Like I said, I’m on the advanced program

4-5 rep max (20 total)
A Bent over barbell row - 185
B Overhead squat - 100 working on the balance but it is coming quick so this should get higher
C Dip - body weight + 135 lbs hanging weight off a belt
D Ab-wheel roll out for body weight (might use a vest soon or attach a resistance band.

8-9 rep max (40 total)
A Pull up -wide grip: 20 lb weight vest
B Incline dumbell bench press: 80 lbs dumbbells
C Romanian deadlift: 185
D Barbell Curl: 80 lbs curl
E Hanging leg Raise for body weight

4-5 rep max (25 total)
A Front squat: 185
B Bench Press: - close grip: 225
C Chin up: 40 lbs in vest
D Push Press: 60 lbs dumbbell

V-Burn: 34:51

I’ll get an update later tonight with current weight and hopefully the picture up loaded

Day 10 now I believe.

Good lift in the gym. numbers were pretty much the same just at a faster pace. I had to use DB’s for DL’s today because all the barbells were in use. We only have 5 at our gym sadly (4 benches, 1 squat rack).

I love raspberry Surge. I feel like I’m drinking candy.

Not much of an update today. I guess.

Day 11… yawn… easy… No workouts today, just some NEPA and Work. Going to get a hair cut today and that’s about it for excitement.

Starting to think about my HSM for Saturday. I’m headed back to my university that day to hang out with a few friends there for summer school or work. I’m thinking of making some sort of marinated Italian chicken or pork of some sort and a spinach salad and brown rice.

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