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Hi all, I’ve finally decided to kick off my new year with the V-Diet. I guess I should start off with a little background on myself: I’m a 21 y.o. college kid attending school in Hawaii, but originally from WA. I started hitting the weight room at around 15, and noticing the gains that I was making got me really hooked. Ever since then I’ve fiddled with lots of supps and all that other teenage-BS, and after a while (as expected) I started to sort of plateau in my training, but still kept at it nonetheless. I’ve had number of phases when it came to training principles; for the most part, I’ve really been into the whole body training approach with compound lifts and whatnot.

About a year ago, I took up downhill mountain biking, and I’ve found a seemingly everlasting love for careening down a mountain as fast as possible. Because of this my time at the gym has pretty much come to a halt compared to my earlier years. It was only until this past summer that I’ve decided to dust off the training log and re-ignite the old passion for lifting. I’m prepared to set aside the two-wheeled steed for a little while in order to commit to this program. I figure this program will be a good kick in the ass for me in terms of getting my training and ESPECIALLY my nutrition in line, since I have guidance through the diet’s outlines as well as support from awesome coaches and others who are and have been on the V-Diet. All in all, I have a very positive attitude towards completing this. Besides, I’d shoot myself to think that I spent almost $600 just to bitch out.

Anyway, I didn’t take any measurements yet, but I have taken pictures. I currently weigh in at about 185 lbs.

Side pic, excuse the band-aid. got my H1N1 shot so I can kick swine in the nuts

back shot.

I’m really into training the back, I think it’s because I’ve been trying to remedy the whole rounded cave-man back thing

Also, if anyone knows, do all the supps come in one big box or multiple boxes? It’s just that I looked at my tracking info and it said that the box weighed about a pound. I kind of find it hard to believe that 10 bottles of Metabolic Drive would equate to a pound.

Hi Rabbs,

I’m going to start the V-Diet on Monday and my supps arrived today. I basically bought the full stack except for HOT-ROX which is banned here in Australia. Came in 2 boxes.

Underlying physique good. Going to be happy with the results. A couple days in the 3rd week, cheating often. Lost 14 pounds, inches on the waist. Easy diet, no choice means not much willpower involved.

Good luck Rabbs, I"m on day 2 and ready to kick fat me from 2009 in the ass to kickstart 2010, the year of sweet progress

[quote]BraumD wrote:
Underlying physique good. Going to be happy with the results. A couple days in the 3rd week, cheating often. Lost 14 pounds, inches on the waist. Easy diet, no choice means not much willpower involved.[/quote]

Yeah that’s the attitude I’m going with, I mean everything is so well outlined and everything is pretty much provided; all I have to do is keep the ball rolling. I’m actually feeling more excited about my habit changes AFTER the diet is done. I guess for the mean time…I want these damn boxes to come along already

Oh and by the way, keep up the good work everyone! It’s good to know there are others who are doing this at around the same time I am.

Supps came in today, or should I say I picked them up because I didn’t trust the front desk of my dorm to be open when they should’ve been. They’re all lazy bastards those people. Anyway, got some of the solid food items as well: 2 chicken breasts, 2 lean steaks, a big thing of salad greens and organic EVOO (thank you Rachel Ray). Also got some Mrs. Dash seasonings for the meats, as well as some Fiber Choice tabs. Starting on Monday, looking forward to it

A nice way to wake up every morning. I knew all that leftover paint and poster board from art studio would come in handy at a later point

MLK Day officially marks the first day of V-Diet training. Had some burgers last night with friends as kind of a “going out with a bang” type of deal; funny enough it seems that I have one particular friend who said I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, which kind of sucked for a second. In a way I’m sort of glad he said that, nothin’ like fuel for the fire. Anyhow no weigh in or measurements yet unfortunately. I’ll use my free time today to finally get to walmart and grab a scale and tape measure. For now I’ll commence the diet as usual

Today seems like the day for bitching. I don’t mean to, but holy crap is my stomach feeling it. This morning’s first shake just doesn’t want to settle down…I skipped class because I just didn’t feel well. Hopefully this is all a part of transitioning into a mostly liquid diet, and even more so a transition for my body, since it’s actually getting the majority of its nutritional needs (proteins, carbs, healthy fats, fiber…). But don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean at all that I’m going to cut back on things.

The school gym was closed on MLK Day, so I decided to fill out a 7-day pass thing from 24hr Fitness and just milk them. Hopefully they don’t call me back. The workout overall was challenging but I pulled through it. Almost didn’t get through the DB Chest Presses, I pretty much began to single-rep it for each set by about the 6th set. The DBs were supposed to be 60s but some douchebag placed 65s in the slots instead. Decided to say fuck it and just work with it. Stretching the antagonist muscle (in this case the lats) did wonders for pushing out reps that would otherwise go to failure! It’s a bit disappointing for me knowing that I used to be able to blow through this weight much easier. As for the lats I decided to do pulldowns, but for next time eventually I’ll transition to pull/chin-ups.

You know you’ve had one f’in hell of a workout when you almost have a heart attack trying to take your shirt off afterwards.

A bit early, but it’s slightly motivating I guess; Day 4 or 5.

[quote]Rabbs wrote:
A bit early, but it’s slightly motivating I guess; Day 4 or 5. [/quote]

Before the diet

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