R(+) ALA and Plazma/Mag-10?


Would taking 150-300 mg with Plazma and Mag-10 be beneficial? I heard it helps shuttle glucose into cells as well as creatine and other supplements. It is however an antioxidant and I know those can mess w/ protein synthesis when taken around training.


@Chris_Colucci @robstein


If you wanted to use it, I’d take it a half-hour or so before starting the pre-training Plazma. Not sure I’d take it before having Mag-10 as a standalone protein drink since there’d be no major benefit.

ALA has some strong science behind it and shouldn’t be a problem, but Indigo-3G is a step up and works through different mechanisms.


Awesome that’s when I’ll time it with the Plazma! And the only reason I thought about taking it with Mag-10 was because of the small amount of Cylic Dextrin in it.