Quick Frozen Yogurt

I think that I got this idea from Jonny Bowden, but I couldn’t find the source. I have thought about buying an ice cream maker and playing with healthy ice cream recipes, but if I acted on all my wants I would be broke. I really don’t have to anyway because I like this recipe a lot. It is also very quick. I have the most fun finding great tasting healthy meals that are quick and easy.

1 5-7 oz serving of plain Greek yogurt (my favorite is 2% Fage)
1-2 packets of splenda
handful of frozen fruit (blueberries, cherries, peaches)

  • add yogurt to the bowl, add splenda, stir together, then add frozen fruit and stir. Let it sit for just a bit (1-2 minutes), then eat. The frozen fruit will freeze some/most of the yogurt. Very good, and much better for you than any of that store bought frozen yogurt.


Dr. Bowden does cherries dipped in Greek yogurt then frozen. Good stuff.

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