Questions on Starting the V-Diet

  1. Is the amount of shakes recommended the ideal way to go? If you’re running short on time, can you effectively “double up” on a shake and cut it down to 3 shakes a day along with the HSM?

  2. Is there any macronutrient instruction on the HSM? Should we be trying to keep carbohydrates low on non workout days? Any other insight?

  3. Are fat levels too low on the V-Diet? I remember when done in the past, you had recommended some Pb with the last shake of the day. Still a good idea?

  1. That’s not ideal. You’d be getting about 80g of protein in one shot. Multiple feedings are better in this case.

  2. It’s a mixed meal, within the calorie ranges. Get some protein, healthy fats, and some non-wheat sourced carbs. The calorie limits will keep everything, like carbs, in check as long as you don’t “spend” the whole calorie allotment on one macronutrient. There are a few sample meals in the V-Diet ebook.

  3. No, fats will come in the HSM and Flameout is used as part of the diet to round things out.

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