Questions on Aspirin


In several articles TC has recommended using “baby aspirin” roughly 81 mg each day for middle age and older guys and as lots of research is showing anticancer benefits in particular for GI cancers of which I have a family history of I’m interested in how he uses it or how others in the know use it. My first question would be how often for example 3 days a week or every day. Second would be do you adjust timing of or not use other things that could interact with aspirin like fish oil, curcumin and resveratrol as they could be potential blood thinners. Next would be do you adjust your workouts at all and is there any concern when lifting heavy from a brain hemmorage stand point. Also do you take anything with it to mitigate any stomach irritation ? And last is there any hard data on what your absolute risk of bleeding w out using aspirin vs how much using aspirin increases it the most I could find in my research is it increases your absolute risk by 1 or 2 % which would be a good trade off for me considering w my family history my risk for getting pancreatic cancer is higher than that. Also I have found that everyday low dose aspirin seems mostly the recommended way but some recent research has shown even a few days a week confers almost the same benefits. As for me I have no current health issues ( thank God) I’m 42 w a bmi of 20. Any info. on the questions I posed would be greatly appreciated.


Any chance of an answer on this ? This is purely based on TC recommendation of using low dose aspirin that’s all. I just wondered if he had any more in depth info. Or how he takes it in relation to the other supplements he recommended in the articles which he recommended using it. A study in 2006 showed the absolute increased risk of .12 % to in some studies .018 increase. That is a study that looked at multiple rcts to asses the absolute risk of low dose asa therapy and bleeding. Seems pretty low to me unless I am missing something and considering my increased risk of cancer and the fact I already had a basal cell carcinoma removed I wonder if I should take a chance w aspirin. But my questions also include how TC takes his aspirin which I think is a fair question and what modifications to his training or diet he has made.



I’m not sure @TC1 posts on the forums anymore, but the article did seem to specifiy taking the low dose aspirin daily, as opposed to a few days a week.

I wouldn’t worry about rescheduling your training, as caffeine and aspirin used to be a popular pre-workout mix for fat loss back in the day. I also wouldn’t worry about taking it with other supps that have a slight blood thinning effect, other than fish oil which does have a stronger effect than the others you mentioned.

You might also want to try posting this question over in the general Supplements & Nutrition forum to get more eyes on the topic and draw feedback from more people.


Thanks I appreciate the info I’ll try reposting it other in the other area.