Questions: Fruits/Veggies, Chia, Cottage Cheese

Hey guys, I’ve got a couple questions about Velocity Diet. First off, no mention of fruits or veggies. do you guys just take Superfood during it?

I get about 3-5 servings of veggies a day(have about 2-3 huge salads packed w/ kale, broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower, w/ occasional tomatoes, plus use alot of veggies in cooking, when i cook.) and eat about 3-4 servings of fruit a day(normally a serving of grapes, apple, orange, and banana, w/ occasional fresh pineapple when i can remember to get a pineapple.

My question would be, would i be able to juice the stuff and add the juice to my shakes, or would that put me over caloricly, and how much of a difference would the little bit of calories from fruits and veggies make in the overall results?

Also, i’ve been doing alot of research about chia, and it seems like good stuff. Would Chia be a good thing to do as well as flax? It has more ALA and i think more linoleic acid than flax, and a decent fiber content. Any ideas?

And, for my shakes, would it be okay to have half a serving of protein powder, and half a serving of cottage cheese? I just prefer cottage cheese because i like thick shakes, and the cottage cheese does good at thickening them, plus has a great amount of protein. Any answers from Shug or anybody else would be appreciated!


First of all if you haven’t read Chris’ stickies on diet. You do nothing but have you shakes all day with added flax and added peanut butter for one week. At hte end of the week you can have one HSM (Healthy Solid Meal). You add nothing else to shakes. The Metabolic Drive protein allows you to make your shakes as thick or thin as you like. You can have all your good vegies at your HSM.

Don’t know much on the Chia, but it is beginning to make the news and one of the other V-Dieters is using instead of the flax.

Please read stickies to get the best benefit from diet.


okay. thx!

Calories are about as useful a number as scale weight. There’s much more to food than their calorie count, and how you ingest the food makes a difference.

In your case, yes, either eating fruit straight up, or adding it to the shakes will cause an unwanted increase in calories. More importantly, it will contain sugars, which will (afaik) cause an insulin response, which is unwanted. Granted, natural fruits contain fructose, which is digested more slowly than sucrose, but it is still there.

If anything, the juice from a fruit is probably worse by itself than eating the fruit, because eating the fruit (such as an apple) will mean you are digesting fibrous material with it that will help to slow down the sugar absorption.

Lastly, from my watching of the forums, the response to any question along the lines of, “Can I change X? What if I just add Y? If I follow everything, except…”

Will always get the same response - “No changes allowed - if you can’t hang, do a different diet.”

I used chia seeds, and when added to the vanilla Metabolic Drive, they really transformed the flavor for me. The vanilla Metabolic Drive is not bad tasting, I just found the combination quite good. Plus, very filling, and the chia seeds were nice and chewy, though messy. Don’t add them to the mix until towards the end.

Chia doesn’t have to be chewy or messy. If adding to a shake or smoothie try this:
Grind the chia in a coffee grinder (if you don’t have one it works almost as well whole) and then mix one part chia with 9 parts water and stir. Let it sit for 5 mins. and stir again. After another 15 mins. add to your shake or whatever and blend.
For more ideas on chia seed got here:

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