Questions from First Time V-Dieter

Hey Chris,

I started the V-Diet on Monday. So far, I’m finding it very easy, mainly since I’m not much of a food craver unless I haven’t eaten in over 4 hours. I think the diet keeps me eating more regularly since the shakes are so easy to make and down…so great job on that!

I do have a few questions

1 - Tomorrow will be my first V-Burn Challenge. Do I drink a Surge Recovery Shake immediately following that or just on weight days?

2 - On Monday, I did my NEPA walk immediately following weights while sipping the Surge Shake. Is this OK? Does it even matter?

3 - Valentine’s Day is coming up and my girlfriend’s birthday. I am trying to plan my HSM for these dates. Is it ok if my HSM is not the same day of the week each time? I’m planning my first one for this Sunday.

4 - I’ve noticed that the V-Diet package only covers roughly the first 4 weeks. Is there a way to order the V-Diet 1/2 package for the last 2 weeks at a similar discount to the first 4 weeks? I’m assuming I’ll need some Metabolic Drive Low Carb, Superfood, Flameout, & HOT-ROX for those last 2 weeks of the transition phase?



  1. Surge Recovery is only for weight training days. Not needed for V-Burn.

  2. Doesn’t matter much. Separate session or after weights is fine. Having Surge at the same time is fine; you want that right after weights.

  3. That’s okay as long as it doesn’t throw you off too much. For example, having HSMs too close together or too far apart. A day or so off is no biggie.

  4. Yes, the package is just for the 4 week strict phase since many choose not to the Transition or a shorter version of it (1 week.) Since you’re having a solid healthy meal every day during the Transition, you won’t need extra flax, fiber, Superfood, or fish oil (though Flameout and Superfood are healthy things to take daily regardless of diet plan or physique goal.) Just make sure your daily HSM contains veggies, healthy fats etc.

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