Questions Before Starting Velocity Diet 2/1/16

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read this and for any help offered. Guess I’ll start with a little background.
I’m 41 years old and have been a personal trainer/strength coach for the last 11 years, graduated with a Bachelors in exercise science and hold my CSCS certification and , up until recently, have been in better than average condition. Almost stereotypically as soon as I hit 40, I had a couple medical issues that slowed me down, one a full hamstring tear and the other was a scary bout of atrial flutter. Basically my health has gone down and my waistline has gone up. Have always known about velocity and now seems a great opportunity to put it to the test.
5’5" 173 bf 25% (done by In-body system) and BMR of approx 1640-1750 kcals (cardio coach), so I’m not huge by any means but as Dan John would say, how is this extra weight actually impacting my performance? As for my training, I’ve been using 5/3/1 for quite some time and my strength has been great but I haven’t stayed on top of my conditioning, and it’s certainly hindering my performane. So here are my actual questions (yes I actually have some) …

I recently opened a wellness facility here in Jacksonville, Florida and as a trainer I am teaching/participating in several group classes outside of my normal strength workouts, such as HIIT, Kettlebell classes and the one concerning me the most is 3x a week spin class, which I never have taught before and it kicks my ass, and torches my legs and cardio. How with this effect my recovery and calorie intake? Will this be enough to recover with? Would I need to back off the prescribed workouts?
Also, when the 28 days are up, is there a recommended path to healthy eating? Would simply adding in a lunch and deleting a shake or something along these lines be appropriate?

Luckily this is a complete wellness facility and I will be able to monitor body fat levels as well as my lipid profile, we do in house blood work, so this will be a well documented journey. I will post frequently so please bear with me, as you can see I’m not a big guy so I have never had to address a weight/fat loss approach, it is actually completely backwards from what I’m accustomed to, so this is going to be interesting and I’m going to need some support at some point, thanks for reading my ramble guys!

Basically, if you do all those cardio-based classes, you’ll feel like heck and probably lose muscle. The V-Diet calories are too low for that. (Actually, I would not recommend that for even someone on a normal diet. I understand if it’s a job, but it’s also a path to skinny-fat or metabolic damage.) For best results, use the recommended workouts or close to them.

Also, keep on mind that BMI scores won’t apply much to a lifter and if your body fat measuring tool plugs in it’s inaccurate, inconsistent and will drive you nuts. The V-Diet ebook has better recommendations.

Thanks for the response and feedback. So basically I probably shouldn’t do the V-diet until my schedule is back to normal and I’m not doing so much outside of my regular strength routine? I certainly don’t want the dreaded skinny-fat, I’m already short and fat, lol! I’m really wanting to drop that high BF% and get my overall health and athleticism back, I guess I’ll just ramp up my protein intake and go from there. Thanks for any help!

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