Questions: Almond Milk, Training Plan


Chris, I’m on day three of the diet and have a few questions:

  1. On the last shake I cut the nut butter down to 2/3 and added a cup of almond milk. The cals and fat are about the same (may actually be a bit less). The shake was much more satisfying in terms of tconsistency. Any issue?

  2. I know you recommend using Waterbury’s program-I have used his body of fire in the past- but I started the diet in the midst of a cycle of four workouts a week- two hardstyle kettle bell conditioning workouts doing VO2 snatches and swings and two EDT full body workouts 20:00 min and 15:00 min density sets on hammer strength machines. I like what I have seen so far and would like to finish the cycle. I also use a met con finisher at end of EDT that is similar to the burn. I can guess your answer but any real issue I’m a well trained 47 yr old with good strength and conditioning. Just looking to drop the last bit of fat.

  3. I saw that on off days you do sandbag or med ball walks. I like to walk with weight vest. I assume that is fine?

Thanks. Steve

  1. For best results, stick to the exact plan.

  2. That’s not a question.

  3. That’s fine.


As to number two any issue finishing the last two weeks if my cycle. FYI - down almost 4lbs since Sunday and strength was up a good bit today.


For best results, stick to the program.


Alright. Ya got me. Will start monday


What are these sand bag walks you’re talking about?


Chris has written about walking while carrying sandbags or med ball as NEPA. I’ve been walking withs a 30 lbsweught vest on non lifting dsys