Questions About V-Diet & Low Carbs

Hi Guys i was wondering if someone could answer the few questions i have regarding the Velocity diet and CKD.

  1. Are we in Ketosis when we are on the Velocity Diet? Since we are consuming really low carbs

  2. What is the body doing with all the extra protein that we are putting into the body, so far as i am aware that you need about 1 g per pound of lean mass while cutting to preserve lean mass.

  3. If i were to skip the post workout shake (with the carbs) and replenish glycogen levels on the Weekend with the Healthy solid meal, Would that work in terms of loosing fat.

I have done the Velocity diet in the past and i have got great results but recently i have been wanting to do CKD but not sure the best approach. I would like to approach it with Shakes ie High protein

  1. Sometimes, but ketosis is not the main goal. You do not have to be in keto to lose fat and preserve muscle. And it’s not “really” low carbs. Not as low as Atkins or many others, especially on training day.

  2. Lots of debate about that. Whole books written on it.

  3. You need the workout carbs if you want preserve or even build muscle.

Do the V-Diet or do the other diet. Don’t try both at the same time.

Thanks for the prompt reply, like you said i am just gonna do one rather than both at the same time.

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